Nani Kaua’i (Beautiful Kaua`i)


Submitted by: Kanaka916
Composer: Lizzie Alohikea

G	      C	      G
Aloha a'e au, i ku'u 'aina
        D7	 	G   D7
I ke ku kilakila Ôo Wai'ale'ale

G		  C	   G
O ke one kaulana, a 'o Nohili
	 D7	      G    D7
Apo ihoa pa'a pono la i ko poli

G		C     G
Na hala onaona 'o Mapuana
       D7       G    D7
E naue oi, i ka one, a ke kai

G	  C  G
Ina paha 'oe a'e 'ike
       D7	    G   D7
I ka nani, o ka wai anapanapa

G	        C   G
Ho'onioni 'ike, iho ana 'oe
	D7               G  D7
Ahe honehone i ke kumu o ka hana

G/A		C/D	G/A
Ha'ina 'ia mai, ana kapuana
   D7/E7	     G/A
Ua Nani Kaua'i, i ka malie    

(repeat verse in A)

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