16 Years

Intro (same chords for the whole song): Bb //// Bbmaj7 //// Bb7 //// Eb //// Ebm //// Bb //// C7 //// F //// Chorus: Bb Bbmaj7 16 years of lovin’, crumple it all up and Bb7 Eb Throw it in the bin and act like you’z a winner Ebm Bb No, I’ve just been fooled […]


C No one can deny your flavor. Babygirl you taste so good to me. I know you love it when I go harder. You tell me what you want, Dm you beg me not to slow down. Bring me back up, I’ll go downtown, come back around, ay. C But no one does it quite […]


2500 Composed by Keo/Tom Performed by Ho`onu`a Intro F Am B C7 (2X) F Am Bb C7 I woke up one morning, decided I had to go F Am Bb C7 To a place, that I– did not know F Am Bb C7 I gathered all my things, and packed them all away F Am […]

96 Degrees in the Shade

Verses: Am G Chorus: C G Am F 96 degrees in the shade real hot in the shade said it was 96 degrees in the shade ten thousand soldiers on parade taking i and i to meet a big fat boy sent from overseas the queen employ excellency before you i come with my representation […]