Chords A, E, F#m, D Verse1 I got so much I want to say. Still I don’t know where to start. Every time I see you, every time I see your face you know you go and steal my heart I could love you in so many ways I wish that I could make you […]


Intro Chords: Dm7 //// //// Cmaj7 //// // Verse 1: A7* A7** Dm7 What can I do to please this cravin’? You got me fightin’ in the battle to rehabilitatin’ Cmaj7 The way I feel I, I can’t deny Because you put me in another state of mind Pre-Chorus: (Dm7, Cmaj7) You’re the habit I […]

Always Be Mine

Intro (2x): F, C, Bb (C) Verse 1: F C Bb When I think about the love we had, I get a little crazy F C Bb Then I wonder how did it go bad, our love was amazing F C Bb I never thought that our love would end up this way Dm C […]

Aloha `Oe

Aloha `Oe (Farewell To Thee) Queen Lili`uokalani Various F F7 Bb F Ha`aheo, ka ua i na pali C7 Ke nihi, a`ela i ka nahele F F7 Bb F E hahai, ana paha i ka liko Bb C7 F F7 Pua `?hihi lehua o uka Hui: Bb F Aloha `oe, aloha ‘oe C7 F F7 […]


G=0232 Bm7=2222 F=2010 C=0003 Am=2000 Am*=2003 Cm6=2333 Dm6=2212 CM7=0002 D=2220 (*=I don’t know what this chord is) note: I play this a little differently than how I tabbed it… I listed the easiest chords I could think of to play along with the song. (Intro) Am Bm7 Am* C Am Bm7 Am* Cm6 G Bm7 […]

Aloha `Ia No `O Maui

Aloha `Ia No `O Maui Alice Johnson C A7 Aloha ia no `o Maui D7 Na hono a`o Pi`ilani G7 Uluwehi i ka pua roselani e D7 G7 C Na pua `ala onaona C A7 Kaulana `oe e Kahului D7 Ke kai holuholu e G7 A me ka uwapo ho`okipa malihini e D7 G7 C […]

Another Time

Another Time David Kaiupileokalani Kahiapo Intro: C G C Em There often comes a time when we must say goodbye F G7 C And hope that someday we will meet again Em Throughout the years we’ve become friends and the bond will never end F G7 C But for now we have to go our […]

Aloha Ku`u Pua

Aloha Ku`u Pua Composed By: Alvin Isaacs Performed By: Israel Kamakawiwo`ole C Cdim Dm7 G7 C A7 Aloha ku`u pua D7 Pili I ke kino G7 Ka pua milimili C Cdim Dm7 G7 A ka pu`uwai (Repeat) C A7 Ho`o hi`i ka manao`o D7 I nei a pua G7 Ka ne`e ana mai C Cdim […]

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday Intro: G-G7-C-G-D7-G-D7 G Here is where I sit all cloudy and blitzed G7 C With my Primo bottles lying everywhere G Got a guitar in my hand and a Wesson Oil can D7 G Under my okole for a chair Chorus: G7 C G It’s Aloha Friday, no work till Monday D7 G […]

All My Life

CHORDS: All of these are played higher – D, F#m, G, A7 (look below) D F#m G A7 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 1 1 1 1 | | x x | | | x | | | x x | | | | x | | | […]


Chords: D, A, Bm, A Ohhhhh yeahhhh Come on come on yea Verse 1 Take a look at the pouring rain Last time it rained for forty-days Take a look at the sun that shines Paint the colors and ribbons in the sky Take a look out your window And take a look at how […]

A `Oia!

A ‘Oia Johnny Alameida Vamp: G7 C7 F F C7 F A`oia a e lilo ana `oe ia`u, ahahana C7 F F7 Onaona k? maka i `ane`i e ka ipo wahine u`i Bb Bbm He u`i `i`o n? ka wahine leo hone F D7 He manu leo le`a ia o ke kuahiwi G7 C7 Na?u […]

Aloha Kaua`i

Aloha Kaua’i Maiki Aiu Vamp A7 D7 G G A7 D7 G Aloha Mokihana, pua o Kaua`i A7 D7 G Wili `ia me ka maile lau li`ili`i C D7 Maile li`ili`i G A7 D7 G He u`i, onaona, he aloha wau iä `oe A7 D7 G G7 Me a`u, me `oe i ka pu`uwai C […]


??lika Words & Music by Charles Ka?apa D A7 D D7 G Aia i `?lika ka ihu o ka moku A7 D Ua hao o pa`ihi n? pe`a i ka makani D A7 D D7 G Ke liolio nei ke kaula likini A7 D `Alu`alu `ole iho n? pe`a i ka makani D A7 D […]

Adios Ke Aloha

Adios Ke Aloha (Goodbye My Love) Prince William Pitt Leleiohoku F Bb G7 E ku`u belle o ka pô la`i la`i C7 F Ka lalawe mâlie a ka mahina Bb G7 Kô aniani mai nei e ke ahe C7 F `Âhea `oe ho`olono mai Hui: F Bb `Âhea `oe, `âhea `oe F `Oe ho`olono mai […]


Here’s a toast for my girls … Verse 1: A F#m7 You’re the chaser to my Crown Royal Bm E7 Body like a Coke bottle A F#m7 And with every drink I can’t help but think Bm E7 How smooth you go down yeah A F#m7 Girl … I love your flavor Bm E7 You’re […]

Aloha `Ia No `O Maui

Aloha `Ia No `O Maui Alice Johnson F D7 Aloha ia no `o Maui G7 Na hono a`o Pi`ilani C7 Uluwehi i ka pua roselani e G7 C7 F Na pua `ala onaona F D7 Kaulana `oe e Kahului G7 Ke kai holuholu e C7 A me ka uwapo ho`okipa malihini e G7 C7 F […]


`Ahulili Scott Ha?i G He aloha no `o `Ahulili D7 G G7 A he lili paha ko iala C G I ke kau mau `ole `ia D7 G E ka `ohu kau kuahiwi G Eia iho no e ka `olu D7 G G7 Ke `ala kupaoa C G Lawa pono kou makemake D7 G E […]

Ahe Lau Makani

Ahe Lau Makani Lili`uokalani G C D7 G He ‘ala nei e mapu mai nei, C D7 G Na ka makani lau aheahe, C D7 G I lawe mai a ku’u nui kino, C D7 G Ho’opumehana i ko aloha, HUI: G C G C G D7 E ke hoa o ke ahe lau makani, […]

Ahi Wela

Ahi Wela Israel Kamakawiwo’ole C F C Ahi wela mai nei loko G7 C C7 I ka hana a ke aloha F C E lalawe nei ku’u kino G7 C A7 Konikoni lu a ika pu’u wai G D Twinkle, twinkle little star A7 D How I wonder what you are G D Up above […]

‘Ama ‘Ama

‘Ama ‘Ama By: Sam Alma Version: Isreal Kamakawiawo’ole Soprano Ukulele, C tuning. Chords used in this song: A+ D D6 E A Dmaj7 A—4—–5—-2—–2—–0—–4 E—5—–2—-2—–4—–0—–2 C—4—–2—-2—–4—–1—–2 G—6—–2—-2—–4—–2—–2 Intro: (put your hands roughly in the position for the chords, then play tab) D A D6 Dmaj7 D6 A A-5—-5–4—2——–4——-4– 2–0—-2—–4——-2——–0———0——— E——————————————————————————0——-0— C—-2———————–1——————- 2——2—————-1——–1—– G-2———————-2——————–2———————-2——————- D A […]

Another Rainbow

Chords for: Bo Napoleon’s version – Verse: C#, Fm, F#, G# Bridge: C#, G#, F#, G# or Capo on fret 1 – Verse: C, Em, F, G Bridge: C, G, F, G Baba B’s version – D, Bm, G, A (you can also play Dmaj7 instead of D) Intro(2x): Woah oh oh Whoa oh oh […]