Before You Go

Intro: C Am Want you to love me before you leave C Let me hold you before you go Am Just remember the times we shared C And remember you touched my soul G Am We don’t know where life will take us F I’ll hold my breath and be patient C G Am F […]

Beauty Queen

Chords: Fm // D# // C# /// D# / Lyrics: Fiji: My beauty queen, yes you are, yeah Chorus: She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh Fiji: (Beauty queen, beauty queen) Let me be the very first to say how beautiful you […]

Break It Down

Intro: Bm D A E x2 Verse 1: D Baby I tried A E Using conventional lines D But you close the lights A E D Pretend nobody’s inside D A You read black and white E D I grew in the shade D A I’d be happy to meet with you E A D […]

Bad Girl

Chords: D, C Some people think I’m crazy ‘cause … the girl I love Keep drivin’ me all crazy, but … they don’t know us She just want a man who understands … her needs and wants And what I need and want might differ sometimes And lead to an argument, yo Pre-Chorus: Sometimes she […]

Be My Lady

Chords: Pretty much Bb, Cm, with occasional Ebm to F during the verses Intro (2x): Bb //// //// Cm //// //// Verse 1: Bb Cm See my girl … she treats my ok (she treats my ok) Bb And my girl (my girl, yeah, my girl, yeah) Cm She makes a winter’s day (feel like […]

Be With You

Be With You – Deach Chords – Dm////C// Am// You see, there’s this one type of woman that I love She gotta be from heaven, angel sent from up above She knows what she wants, she ain’t afraid to get it And when she plays shy, she’s still confident to fit in See, I’m the […]

Back In My Life

Back In My Life – Awa feat. House of Shem C=0003 Em=0432 Am=2000 F=2010 (chords repeat for whole song) (there’s a live version recorded at KCCN which is a step lower key, so, to play along with that one… replace C, Em, Am, F with… B=4322 D#m=3321 G#m=4342 E=4442) [INTRO] C Em Am F (repeat […]

Big Deal

Big Deal – Anuhea C=0003 Dm=2210 Em=0432 D#m=X321 G7=0212 Am=2000 Fm=1013 or 5543 (slightly modified lyrics so a guy can sing it… chords still work with original) (Intro) C Dm Em Em-D#m-Dm Dm G7 C Dm Em Em – D#m – Dm My buddies always tell me… not to give my heart away… (Dm) G7 […]


BUTTERCUP Composed By: ALDRINE GUERRERO Performed By: ALDRINE GUERRERO Chords: AM7, Bm7 The tears from my eyes are unstoppable To hide them from you I’m not capable I’m missin your laughs and our talks on the phone It’s three in the morning and I’m all alone Dont count me out of your life Cause I […]


Intro: C // G // F //// C G F We say, ooh-ee-ooh-ee-ooh-ee-ooh-ee-ooh-ee-ooh-ooh-ee C G F Yo, from Cali to Hawaii, ooh-ee-ooh-ee-ooh-ee-ooh-ee, watch it Verse 1: C G Baby, you’re the baddest thing around the block F C The way you work your hips around the clock G How do you stay petite though? F […]

Beautiful Kaua`i

Beautiful Kaua’i Randy Farden C C7 F C There is an island accross the sea G7 C Beautiful Kaua’i, beautiful Kaua’i C7 F C And it’s calling, yes calling to me D7 G7 C C7 Beautiful Kaua’i, beautiful Kaua’i F In the midst of Fern Grotto C B C Mother nature made her home D7 […]

Born and Raised

Intro (2x): Ebm, Bbm, Abm, Bbm (or Capo on fret 1 and play Dm, Am, Gm, Am) Ebm Bbm Visualize the soul of a soldier, Abm Bbm Reach inside the heart of a warrior, Ebm Bbm Abm Bbm See inside the mind and the dreams of your grandchild Ebm Bbm Realize the goals left forsaken, […]

Beautiful Ladies

Intro: G Am C D G Chorus (2X): G Everywhere I turn, there’s beautiful ladies, Am Everywhere I look, there’s beautiful girls. D7 G So all I see are beautiful ladies and beautiful girls G So when you’re walking down the beach, Am You see a pretty girl tanning by the ocean side C D7 […]


Intro: A F#m D E 1x (Riff notes: C# D C# E 2x F#, C# D C# B) Verse 1: A There’s something in your eyes, F#m It holds a big surprise, D E (Riff) It made me realize how much I adore you A I’ll hold you in my arms, F#m I’ll keep you […]