Chocolates & Roses

*For the most part, this song is just Dm7 //// Cmaj7 //// – On the 3rd beat of the Dm7, the bass plays a G so you could play Dm7/G or G7 there – Sometimes there’s a C#m7 pickup chord before going back to Dm7 Dm7 Cmaj7 Like fireworks going off on a New Year’s […]

Cool Fever

You know you look like satisfaction and my reaxtion is attraction i want to join in some relations with such a beautiful creation you are my major concentration without a doubt no reservation im comin real no imitation lovin with no hesitation Chorus: Cool fever wen you love me so im feelin cool fever from […]


Crazy Kapena C Am F G7 I met a boy who didn’t know C Am F G7 Which way to turn, which way to go F C F C He didn’t like books, he didn’t like girls F C He didn’t like going to school D7 But when he said he didn’t like reggae G7 […]

Castle By The Sea

Castle By The Sea Brothers Cazimero Dm That’s where I’m going G C A7 To my castle by the sea Dm G C C7 Coconut trees wave their palms to me F Dm Sweet Leilani with ginger so fair Em Am Run your fingers through my hair Dm Em F G C Walk with me, […]


Refrain: F Dm F Bb Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go. F C7 F C7 Straight to my lovers heart for me. Cupid, please hear my cry, and let your arrow fly. Straight to my lovers heart for me Verse 1: F C7 I really hate to bother you but I’m […]

Crazy Without You

G Bm C D7 I just saw you there and with just one stare, you broke my heart in two G Bm C D7 Now I¹m not the same I¹m a bit insane, call it love for you G Bm C D7 But I would be alright everyday and night, if you could stay with […]

Cool Down

Chords are Bb Cm throughout the entire song. Part 1 of Ukulele Solo: A|—8s5–5-4s5–5———6-5–5h6p5 E|–10s6–6-5s6–6–6–8-8—-6—— C|———————————– G|———————————– Part 2 of Ukulele Solo: A|—8s5–5-4s5–5———-5—8s10-8-6 E|–10s6–6-5s6–6–6–8-8-8–6——— C|————————————– G|————————————– Verse 1: Its another fiery afternoon (so hot, so hot) Hotter than the month of June So we should go beach now (cool down) cool down where the waters […]

Come On Over

Come On Over Barry and Robin Gibb Hui Ohana Intro: C F C F If my [C] life gets like a [C7] jigsaw [F] with the pieces out of [C] place Come on [G] o—[G7]ver Put a [F] smile upon my [C] face And if [C] all my bad days [C7] came at once [F] […]

Cuz I’m

Intro: C Am Dm G (X4) C Am The curves of your bod make me say “oh my god” Dm G when you’re near me, C Am sweet lady you’re near me Dm G oh so near me C Am When I can’t just to glance for a chance of romance Dm G with you […]