Good Day

Chords: D //// //// Em //// //// (You can also play it as D and G, or Dmaj7 and Em) 1st Verse Woke up early mornin’, decided to start my day, Feelin’ good inside so I’m walking with a smile upon my face Things just seem to be going well, today must be my day, […]

Get Involved

Intro: Gm / Dm / … Gm / Dm / … Gm / Dm / F Bbmaj7 Cm Bbmaj7 Woah ooh (ooh) ooh baby … said I wanna get involved with you, girl Cm Ooh oh, yeah, said I wanna get involved with you, baby Chorus: (Bbmaj7, Cm) Shawty makes a playa wanna get involved, […]

Get Right

Intro: Gm // Cm // F // Bb // Gm //// Cm // D // Gm // Cm // F // Bb // Gm // Cm // F // D // Verse 1: Eb F Gm Wanna see your eyes, really captured me (Now could we ever be?) Eb F Gm More than friends, tryna […]

Golden Stallion

Golden Stallion Dennis Kamakahi Intro: C-D7-G-C-G-D7 C D7 G C He’s just a little boy and he dreams just like a man G D7 Of a gallant golden steed C D7 G C He’s a knight in shining armor with a pillow for a shield G D7 With a heart full of golden dreams Chorus: […]

Goodnight Keiki

Goodnight Keiki Kevin Teves Olomana Bbdim F It’s time to sleep and you’re tired C7 F We had a beautiful day C7 F The night has come and I must leave you C7 F C7 To your childhood ways Chorus: F C7 Bb F Good … night keiki F C7 Bb F Sandman’s coming to […]

Give It Up

Chords Used: A, F#m, D, E7 (1st Verse): A I got a sickness, A say that you’re that prescription F#m Got problems, F#m D you’re the only one that listens, D E7x2 to me~ A Never told her that she was that one, F#m So she went and then she got that gun D E7 […]

Give Me All

Intro Ukulele Tab (2x): A|-2–2——–6–|-14–14-9-14-11——| E|——2-3-4—–|—————–11–| C|—————-|———————| G|—————-|———————| Intro Chords: B, G#m, B, G#m, B, G#m, B, G#m E, F#, E, F# Fiji: Oh yes, it’s your boy F to the 1 to the J to the 1 Introducing the one and only Sammy Gun, Sammy J Sammy J: Ooh, oh Fiji: Tell ‘em about […]

Going To Hana, Maui

C G7 They travel to the eastern side of Maui F C They come from far and wide to see the sights F C Not knowing where they’re going Em Am On that long and lonesome highway F G7 Away from all that night life city light Chorus: C G7 Going to Hana, Maui F […]

Good One

Intro (4x): D, A D A D A I woke up in the back of a truck early this morning, yeah D A D A About six thirty – seven o’clock to be exactly, yeah, yeah D A D A I get up, the pain rises, I sit up, I’m so dizzy D A D […]

Gotta Know Your Name

(Girl you must let me know) Intro: G7 / // / Cmaj7 / Dm7, G7, Cmaj7, A7 Chorus (2x): Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 Oh I, I don’t mean to be rude, I don’t mean to intrude A7 But I gotta know your name Dm7 Now would you come a likkle closer, let me nice up the […]

Girl I’ve Been Hurt

intro: G Em C D7 (2x) G Em C D7 you say, that there will never be no other love G Em C D7 but me, girl I know much better G Em C D7 G Em C D7 for you, you’ve been playing games on m——-e yeah I need love, lovin’ doesn’t blind me, […]

Girl, Let Me Know

C, Am, F, G7… intro picking A|-7–5–3–2–2slide 3-0— 2-2-3-5-3-0— E|-8–6–5–3—————-3———–3- C|—————————2————- G|—————————————– A|-7–5–3–2–2slide 3-0— 7-8–10-7–3-3- E|-8–6–5–3—————-8————– C|—————————7————– G|—————————————— Chorus: Cause Girl I see you standing there, I just wanna know your name Can you just let me know, so we can be together la di da di da yeah Cause Girl I see you standing […]

Good Time Together

Performed By: Cecilio and Kapono Chorus: G Bm7 C D7 G Bm7 C D7 It’s been a good time together, looking for the warmth of the sun G Bm7 C D7 G C G Gonna be a long time together, and the best is yet to come G Bm7 Em D7 I remember the beginning […]

Green Rose Hula

Green Rose Hula Laida Paia/John K. Almeida Intro: F C7 F C7 Vamp: C7 F C7 F F Bb F No ka pua loke lau ke aloha Bb F C7 F (VAMP) No ka u`i kau i ka wekiu F Bb F Ko `ala onaona i `ane`i Bb F C7 F (VAMP) Ho`olale mai ana […]