How Can I Get Over

[Intro] A Bm7 D A [Verse] A Bm7 Standing on the side of hell, looking on the side of heaven D A How can I get over? A Bm7 Trying so hard to move my feet, but it seems I’m sinking deeper D A How can I get over? [Chorus] A Bm7 And I wanna […]

Haleiwa Hula

[Bb] [C#dim7] [Cm] [C#dim7] [Bb] [C#dim7] [Cm]5 [Bb]1 [A]1 [Ab]1 hano [G7] ha-[ ] no hale-[C7] ’iwa [ ] ku’u [F7] ho- [ ]me a-[Bb] loha [C#dim7]5 [Bb]1 [A]1 [Ab]1 (hana hou – repeat) u’i [G7] no [ ] ‘o pu-[C7] a’ena [ ] ka’ehu-[F7] kai [ ] hawa- [Bb] nawana [C#dim7]5 [Bb]1 [A]1 [Ab]1 […]


Intro: D# Fm whoa-ho-oh-ohhh-whoa Bb D# I said heeeeeeyyyyy, yay-hee Fm Ah come on, baby Bb whoa-ho-oh-ohhh-whoa D# There’s this girl I like to meet D# Fm I hear people on the streets, they talk about her all the time Fm Say that she is oh so fine Bb Think I seen her once before, […]

Haters (Remix)

Live Animaux remix It’s Kimie-eh-eh-eh-yeah This is for all you haters … Chords (except for Bridge): Bm // D // E //// Verse 1 (Kimie): What’s gotten into you? You sit around talkin’ like you do You let it get the best of you But I know better, my fire doesn’t need your fuel Uh, […]

Half Way

Intro: Dmaj7 // E // A / C#m7 / Bm7 / Dmaj7 // E // A / D / E / Verse 1: (A, D, E) Every day is a brand new day, ay ayyy Jamming with my home boys We got no other choice We jam reggae music ‘Til the moon goes down, down […]

He’e Roa

Intro Chords: Bbmaj7, Cm7 Verse 1: Bbmaj7 Cm7 I’ve been searching all my life for that long, lost wave Bbmaj7 Cm7 For that mystery ride, her lovin’ I really crave Bbmaj7 Cm7 I’ve been dreaming of her touch, her turquoise kiss Bbmaj7 Cm7 I’ve never wanted to surf this much, her lovin’ I really miss […]

Hawaiian Kickboxer

Hawaiian Kickboxer Composed By: Moses Kamealoha III F Bb F E ho’omaka kakou i ka, ha’awina C7 F E kia’i a’e, ho’opili mai Bb F E keia manawa, peku kakou C7 F He mana, ka makou Chorus: F Bb F Oh, Hawaiian, Kickboxer C7 F Mai nana lalo, nana imua Bb F Oh, Hawaiian, Kickboxer […]

Hard Times

Hard Times – Kiwini Vaitai G=4232 or 0232 C=5433 or 0003 Am=2000 D=2220 Reggae strum works good… the chords are mainly G C Am D But if you want to get fancy, you can do a walk down from the C=5433, by playing Bm=4222 … So the progression would look like… G G C Bm […]

Hell Fire

Chords: Cm , F , Gm Oh, I see what you’ve done to me. The way you kill me and the way you rape me. But I can’t wait forever for someone to come help me. As I can see us together, that’s why I purge thee. So I step down Jah Hell Fire. Suckin […]

Heavy Weight Love

Intro Chords: D , Db Chords: F# , G#m This ones for the big ones… I know you need some love right now I can tell by how you make that smile (4x) Girl don’t you worry about the way you look You’re overweight and it makes you fell down If there’s one thing that […]

Hui O He’e Nalu

G C G D7 G Where the hui ‘o he’e Nalu, where the hui ‘o he’e nalu (2x) C On the beaches, the people are watching G D7 The ancient sport, of our forgotten kings G But if you see a white trail of water C Ripping high and low, hey hey hey hey G […]

Home (Remix)

Intro: Bb // F // Eb //// Bb // F // Eb //// Bb // F // Eb //// Gm // F // Eb //// Bb F Heading back home, all packed up, yeah, Eb About to hit the road Bb F I don’t need much, got the sounds turned up, Eb I’m on cruise […]

Hello Waimanalo

Hello Waimanalo Billy Kaui & Jimmy Freudenberg Country Comfort G Am7 C D7 G G Am7 What happened to your sister? C G What have they done to hurt her? G Am7 Did they cut out her heart, did they tell her a lie? C G What did they do that made her cry? G […]


*editors note – original song is in the key of C* Vamp: C7 F F Bb F Kumaka ka `ikena ia Hi`ilawe C7 F Ka papa lohi mai a`o Maukele F Bb F Pakele mai au i ka nui manu C7 F Hau wala`au nei puni Waipi`o F Bb F `A`ole no wau e loa`a […]

He Aloha Mele

He Aloha Mele Iva Kinimaka Peter Moon Band C He aloha mele, pretty hoku, C7 F Sending down a special little twinkle for your brown eyes C Your pretty lovely brown eyes G7 F In the still of the night all the stars are shining bright C for your brown eyes C He aloha mele, […]

Hele On To Kaua`i

Hele On To Kaua`i Written by Alfred Nobriga Performed by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole G G7 C There’s a place I recall D7 G Not too big, in fact it’s kind of small G7 C The people there say they got it all D7 G D7 The simple life for me Chorus: G G7 C Hele on […]

Hawaiian Soul

Hawaiian Soul Jon Osorio/Randy Borden Jon & Randy, Peter Moon Band G Am7 I can recall the way, D7 Bm Your voice would fill the room Em Am And we would all be stilled D7 C G By your melody Am7 And now your voice is gone D7 Bm And to the sea belongs Em […]

Hawaiian Lullaby

Hawaiian Lullaby Peter Moon & Hector Venegas Sunday Manoa F Cdim Gm C7 F F7 Where I live, there are rainbows Bb Bbm F C7 F With life in the laughter of morning and starry nights F Cdim Gm C7 F F7 Where I live, there are rainbows Bb Bbm F C7 F And flowers […]

The Hurt

The Hurt Composed By: Mackey Feary Jr. Performed By: Kalapana Intro: E7sus4 Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 Oh, you say you’re mine, and I’ll believe you every single time Bm7 E Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 E7sus4 Even though they say you’re not my kind, I just can’t believe you’d be lying Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 All my friends are […]

He U`i

He U?i Danny Kuaana F C7 F He u`i n? `oe ke `ike mai C7 F7 He pua ho`oheno i ka l? Bb D7 G7 `O `oe n? ka`u i aloha F C7 F He pua i milimili ai F C7 F `O `oe he pua i `ako `ia C7 F7 He mea ho`opili i […]

He Hawai`i Au

He Hawai`i Au Words by Ron Rosha & Peter Moon Music by Peter Moon G D7 C I kêia pô eia au me `oe G D7 G D7 Kêia pô ua ho`i mai au G D7 C He loa ka helena ma ke ala hele G D7 G E huli i wahi ma kêia ao […]

Haole Hula

Haole Hula by R. Alex Anderson Vamp: C7 C C7 F x2 F C7 F Oh when I hear the strains of that sweet Alekoki C7 F F7 And stealing from afar-off guitar “Penei n?” Bb D7 G7 When “Lili`u ?” makes you sway in the moonlight C7 F I know the reason why fair […]

Hanohano Ka Lei Pikake

Hanohano Ka Lei Pikake Performed By: Keali’i Reichel Vamp: Dm G7 C C C7 Hanohano ka lei pikake F C Ke holale mai nei G7 He i`ini nui ko`u naue ho`oko mai F C I laila ko`u mana`o G7 FC G7 F C (Vamp) E pili aku me `oe, I ka poli pumehana C C7 […]