I Believe

F Am I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, no matter what you do Dm C I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, it will all come back to you … riddim! Intro: F //// /// Am / Dm //// C //// SOJA, Nahko, and Michael Franti together, y’all Medicine for the people […]

I Wanna Be Yours

Intro: E //// C#m //// A //// F#m // B // Verse 1: E How will I know if he’s into me? C#m He’s got me worked up that I could barely speak A F#m B When he’s around … I don’t know how I’m gonna get him to notice E Me, I’ve got to […]

I Am A King

Intro: F C Gm Bb I am a king for always, we are the kings for all days F C Gm Bb For the King of all kingdoms come … King of all kingdoms … Come Chords(2x): Dm, C, Bb, F Verse 1: Dm C Bb F All I am and all that I’ve become, […]

I Know How

Chords: G, D, Em, C then D, Em, C, D Verse 1 G D I need you here cuz I miss you so Em C and I’m not one for letting go D Em the feeling inside me just grows like C D Oh. . . .Oh I think about you every night and day […]

I Remember

Chords: G, C7 Yeeeaaaaaahhhh… Verse 1: I remember sitting alone on a sandy beach Little bit of the rising tide, come upon my feet Trying to find comfort in all my thoughts of you But I can’t seem to understand what I’m supposed to do Chorus: You said to me I’ll never be the man […]

If I Ever

Chords: D //// Em //// F#m //// Em //// D Em What Jah put together, let no man break asunder F#m Em You and I baby, our love is forever, hear what J Boog say D Em F#m If I ever … done anything wrong to hurt ya (if I ever hurt ya) Em Baby, […]

Island Girls

Chords: F# , Ebm , G#m , C# yea yu hav to give dis one up to my island girls yu know ay yo right now we are show casing to of me bad boys madread pati and madread o-shen ok man watch it verse 1: now we been loving from the dark until daw […]

I Am a Queen

I Am a Queen Lilo Delima feat. Jah Maoli Chorus: bflat F A dminor I am a Queen, and you will respect me I will not stay why you say all those things to me Yes I am a queen its time that you finally see You will regret what you did to me I […]

Island Woman

1). a-0-0–0-0———3–3-3——–0—–0——–5—3p0-1p0———– e-1–1—-1-1——-0—-0-0——1-0h1-1-1——0———-0h1-0h1— c-0—0—-0—-2/4–4—-4—0h2–2—–2—2/4–4——————- g-2—————————————————-0—0—0—0– a-3-0———3–5-3———-8–8-8—8–5-3-1———- e—-1-1——-0—–0-0–8/10-10—–10–6-5-3———- c—–0–2/4—-4—–4———————————- g——————————————————– 2). a-0-0–0-0———3–3-3————-1-0——–5—3p0-1p0———– e-1–1—-1-1——-0—-0-0—–1-1p0—0-0——0———-0h1-0h1— c-0—0—-0—-2/4–4—-4–0h2———-2—2/4–4——————- g-2—————————————————–0—0—0—0– a-3-0———3–5-3———-8–8-8—8–5-3-1-0——– e—-1-1——-0—–0-0–8/10-10—–10–6-5-3-1——– c—–0–2/4—-4—–4———————————- g——————————————————– F high C Dm Bb Let me tell about this island woman that I met She’s the type of woman every man tries to get I had to stop to realize her pretty face and her light […]

In your Hawaiian way

G G7 C Cm They say that the moon will shine down upon you G. D. G vamp When you say in your Hawaiian way. I love you too G G7 C Cm But the stars tonight when I hold you tight G D G Seem to say in their Hawaiian way, I love you […]

Ipo Lei Momi

Ipo Lei Momi Keali`i Reichel A D E7 `Auhea `oe e ka ipo lei momi, lä, ë D A `Ume`ume noweo i ka pöuliuli, lä, ë A D E7 E huli mai `oe a honi i ka ihu, lä, ë D A Mai pülale na`e o nalo auane`i, lä, ë A D E7 Lälau lima […]

In This Life

In This Life Mike Reid & Allen Shamlin Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Note: Play with Capo On 2nd Fret A D For all I’ve been blessed with in my life E7 A There was an emptiness in me A D I was imprisioned by the power of gold E7 A With one kind touch you set me […]

I’ll Remember You

I’ll Remember You Kui Lee F Am Bb C7 F D I’ll Remember You, long after this, endless summer is gone Gm Bbm Gm C7 F Am I’ll be lonely, oh, so lonely, living only to, remember you F Am Bb C7 F D I’ll Remember You, your voice as soft, as a warm summer […]

Island Style

{t:Island Style} {st:John Cruz} Intro: [C] [G] [C] Chorus: {soc} On the [F]Island, we do it Island [C]Style From the mountain to the ocean from the [G]windward to the leeward [C]side. [C7] On the [F]Island, we do it Island [C]Style From the mountain to the ocean from the [G]windward to the leeward [C]side. {eoc} V1: […]

It Is Wut It Is

Intro (3x): B, F#, C#m, E Verse 1 (Fiji): B F# C#m I’ve been captivated ever since the first time I saw you E You were like a non-stop train on the move B F# C#m Taking me places I never thought I’d go to E Now I realize how much I love you, B […]

Is This Love

Intro: (C, G, Am, F) Verse 1: (Am, F, G) Am Girl I don’t have much F Just my loving touch G And I hope that’s alright with you Am F I know we just met but I’ll never let G My hesitation lose you Pre chorus: Am F G I gotta tell you that […]

Island Feeling

Island Feelin preformed by:10 ft Em Bm The music that you skankin to Em Bm Its comin on a positive vibe Em Bm Its a feeling that you just cant describe Chorus: Em Bm Em Bm Can anybody tell me where this Island Feelin comes from? Em Bm Em Bm Can anybody tell me where […]

I Hear Music

Intro: Gm //// //// Cm //// //// EbMaj7 //// D7 //// Gm //// / D7 / Chorus: Gm Cm I hear music, I hear music EbMaj7 D7 Gm D7 / Oh oh oh Gm Cm I hear music, I hear music EbMaj7 D7 Gm D7 / Oh oh oh .. Gm Cm Like to tell […]

I Am The Other Man

I Am the Other Man Cecilio & Kapono Intro: F, D, A, E, A PRELUDE: D C G Knowing my heart, it’s only fair D C G That you let me go, if you really care D C G Don’t make me love you, more than I do D C G For I am the […]

I Miss You My Hawaii

*Capo on 2* Composer: Kenneth Makuakane C Am F G7 I hear the wind traveling down the Ko`olau C Am F G7 It touches my skin and makes me think of how F G7 Much I miss you, my Hawai`i C Am F G7 I breathe the fragrance of your yellow ginger lei C Am […]