Just Say Yes

(Intro) Bb Gm Cm F Verse: Bb Gm Now tell me what kinda man would I be, Cm F Girl if I never tried for you, Bb Gm Got beauty, intelligence and personality, Cm F And a smile that lights up the room Pre Chorus: Dm Gm Cm F But when I close my eyes, […]

Jah Music

Intro: C Em-Ebm-Dm G7 C Em Ebm Dm G7 I know a place where we can go C Em Ebm Dm G7 where reggae music takes control C Em Ebm Dm and let the bass line move you G7 there’s only one thing to do C Em Ebm Dm G7 sing this here song and […]

Just Like That

G C G C G C G C C D7 G C D7 G INTRO A ——-0-0h2-0————2-2-2-3-2—0——-5-2-2-2-3-5-5/7-5-3-2-3-5 E —–3——–3—–3—————3——-3————————– C -2h4————4-4—4-2—————2-2—————————- G ———————————————————————– A —–0——5————————————————- E —2—3-5b—5b-3——————————————– C -2———————————————————— G ————————————————————– (Chorus) C D7 G Just like that, just like that C D7 G You are walking out of my room just like that C […]