Lately Stevie Wonder Dmaj7 Bm7 Lately, I have had the strangest feeling Em7 A7 With no vivid reason here to find Em EmMaj7 Em7 A7 Dmaj7 Yet the thought of losing you’s been hanging ’round my mind Dmaj7 Bm7 Far more frequently you’re wearing perfume Em7 A7 With you say no special place to go […]

Leaving Me

Intro: F //// C //// Bb //// F //// Chorus: F Oh I know, it’s time to go C Back out on, on the road Bb F And I know you’re leaving me F I wish that you would wait for me C But I can already see Bb F That you are leaving me […]

Let Your Hair Down

Intro (3x): Eb, Cm, Bbadd2, F Verse 1: Eb Cm Bb F Eb There she goes, there she goes, there she goes Cm Bb F There’s nothing better than my beautiful woman Eb Cm Bb F Eb Even though, even though, even though Cm Bb F It’s not always heaven, we still fly together Pre-Chorus: […]

Love Song

Oh, oh, oh, oh girl You make me feel so good Oh yeah, yeah, yeah O-o-o-ooh, oh, oh, girl You make me feel so good Chords: A // F#m // Bm // E // Caleb: Oh girl, I love the way you move The sexy way you do the things that you do My heart […]

Little Black Dress

One Drop – Little Black Dress Chords: A, E6, D, E Intro: Bass Line, D, E, A, E6, D, E (leads) Intro Leads: Picking #1 (Intro x2)(s=slide) A|———————————–2-2-2s4s2——–| E|-5–55–2-0–5-5-5-2-0–5-5-5-2-0——————-| C|—————————————————-| G|—————————————————-| 1st Verse: A E6 D Girl I must say to you E A, E6, D, E Tonight you’re looking so good A E6 D […]

Loving Feeling

Intro: Em //// D //// Chords: Em, Am, G, D Said, oh I love this feelin’ … said oh I love this Said a na na na na no, but a na na na na no Said, oh we love this feelin’, oh you love this Said a na na na na no Verse 1: […]

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea – The Steppas Chords : G//, D//, Em//, Bm//, C////, D//// [Verse 1] Here I am, see with my heart in my hand Love is the plan And you are the key, my darling come rescue me I’m lost at sea Sit all alone, there is no light to lead me to […]


Intro: Fm, Bb Fm Bb Dbdim C7 I can’t believe it … I can’t believe it Cm Fm Bb (Eb) Said I can’t believe it … In this lifetime Verse 1: Fm Ebmaj7 I’ve been searchin’ all my life for a love I can’t deny Fm Ebmaj7 A love so pure and free, a love […]


Intro (2x): A, E, D, E Verse 1: A E Sunny days on the North Shore D E Living a dream that I had before A E I can’t believe that you chose me D E You carried me out of the winter storm F#m E D You take me higher Chorus: A E You’re […]

Lifetime Lover

(VERSE 1) G# A#m Well I met this girl from the country Cm A#m She wants to know everything that’s about me G# A#m Cm A#m Are you single, what is your age, she’s kinda hesitant cause everybody plays the game G# A#m Cm A#m G# But meeting you was so surprising I was a […]

Life In These Islands

Life In These Islands Kawika Kahiapo Kaukahi D From Kalalau to Na’alehu C There’s a certain way we do what we do G Day by day, at work or play D In these islands D Grandma’s dancing her favorite hula C Brother strumming tunes on his old guitar G Papa with keiki D Laughing the […]

Love I

Chords:G , D , C , D What do you do when the girl you want she doesn’t want you too and What do you do when she say she only wanna be friends with you Its not fair how love can feel this way I shouldn’t care but if she only heard me say […]

Love Of A Lifetime

Love Of A Lifetime Ten Feet Intro: C-Em-Am-G-Dm-Em-F-G C Em Am G I guess the time was right for us to say Dm Em F G We’d take our time and live our lives together day by day C Em Am G We’ll make a wish and send it on a prayer Dm Em We […]

Let’s Do It Again

oooh baby ehh yea yea yea yeah nananana hey chorus: nice to nice to know ya lets do it again how we did it on a one night stand girl i wanna be more then a friend ya 2x 1st verse: it was like food for all of my senses our time priced is […]

Last Night

Now hear Dis’ Ho’okoa comin atcha Feel di Vibrations Now check dis’ woooo woooo yeah wooowoooo yeahhhh Last night when I saw you there Standin all alone You and me, baby gurl How we were soo wrong, the way we cuddled in the night oooh that feeling girl I knew it was right, Chorus: Cuz […]

Lâhainâ Luna

Lâhainâ Luna Kui Lee G C G I am going to the island of the valley D7 C Cm7G To Lâhainâ, Lâhainâ L . .una G C G Where the mountains are green you will find me D7 C Cm7G To Lâhainâ, Lâhainâ L . .una Chorus: C G They say that Maui no ka […]

Lei Nani

Lei Nani (Beautiful Lei) Words & music by Charles Namahoe D7 G7 C C7 F C `Auhea wale `oe, ku`u lei nani D7 G7 C Ho`i mai no kâua, la a`e pili C7 F C Kou aloha ka`u a`e hi`ipoi nei D7 G7 C Häku`i ku`i `eha i ku`u mana`o C7 F C `Anoa`i ka […]

Lover Girl

Verse 1: (Chords: A, F#m, Bm, E) A You look so beautiful tonight F#m That smile your wearing so out of site Bm I’m I dreaming could this be real E I’m with a girl that makes me feel so good. A I think I should F#m Tell you that I love you cause you […]

Life’s Different Now

chords: D Bm G Gmin7 intro: On a bright moonlight and on a pretty face Brings out the love I’ve never known I like the way she makes me smile And all my time is not worthwhile, ohhh girl All I can say is I’ll be the same I’ll never know no other way Life’s […]

Let’s Rock

Verse 1~ C G F G Tonight your eyes they shine so bright C G F G The way you looking girl, just blows my mind C G F G And I want you here with me C G F G From now until eternity, i have my reasons Bridge~ Am G one, I wanna […]

Let Me Take Tonight


Let Me Be There

Verse1: G Wherever you go, wherever you may C G wonder in your life, surely you know C i always wanna be there, holding your G C hand, has anybody catched you when you G fall, seeing you there and everything C that you do… Chorus: G So let me be there in your morning […]

Leaving With Me

Intro (4x): C // F // G //// C F She said she nah wait fe no boyfriend G Fe pay her rent, her lifestyle set C F She hustle everyday inna de club on sweat G When she take a double, pay her cash, she collect C F Her perfume, fragrance so sweet like […]

Love Of My Life

Intro (3x, 1st time slow): Bb, Eb, Gm, F Bb Eb Love of my life, Gm F I just wanna take this moment to say Bb Eb Things ain’t been right Gm F Since you got my faults and failures on display Bb Eb And I know we can’t take back all the words that […]

Love Me

Intro (2x): C# //// F# // G# // F# G# F# G# Love me … C# F# I give her everything she wants and more, G# C# Everything she loves me for F# My undivided attention for her G# C# Grows sweeter as our love endures F# G# Ain’t no other one can make me […]