Love and Honesty

Love and Honesty The Hawaiian Style Band G Brown skin, light brown eyes Bm Golden hair from sunny skies C Am D A haunting smile, a fresh pikake lei G Soft touch, a warm embrace Bm Tears of joy, they run down my face C Am D I think of you every single day CHORUS: […]

Lei Hali’a

G C G He ahu a`o Lanihuli D7 G D7 No ka noe o Nu`uanu G C G Nu `alia i ka po `ai pali D7 G I ka pa iki mai o ke Kona e Chorus: C G He `ohu i ka lei hali`a D7 G D7 `Ala mapu i ke anuhea C G […]

Lonely Days

Intro (2x): Dm, Bb, F, C (Fiji) Dm Bb F I know that we mutually agreed C For better for worse unconditionally Dm Bb F Time and space did not allow us to succeed C The way that we thought our love life would be Dm Bb Every time I see that smile on your […]