My Everything

Chords: F(2010) Dm(2210) Bb(3211) C(5433) Verse 1 F//Dm//Bb//C// I know it sounds crazy but I just wanna make you my baby Love and care and trust and faith, just something I wanna say Head to toe and inside out, things you do that makes me proud You got all the things that I need, tell […]


Tribal Seeds – Moonlight Album – Representing – Kupihea – Chords : Am // , G//, F //, C// or C/, G/ – Up to Player Progression Chords (Single Strum) : Am, Dm, G, C, F, (rest or F),C, G we’re jamming in the moonlight hear the soundwaves by the seaside we dont need to […]

My Kinda Girl

My Kinda Girl – Christopher Martin Gm ////, Bb //// Only for you baby Flowers in the morining for you Kiss on your cheek baby Come and let me make some breakfast for you F You deserve it my queen Bb//, Eb//, Bb//, F// Because you’re right you are my type You are my Kinda […]

Make You Stay

Chords Submitted by: danishkine Intro: A /// E ///// F#m /// D //// Eh, eh A E D Bounce, lover, bounce, lover, like me – eh – eh Verse 1: A E F#m D Love has come and found me, my friend A E F#m D Oh even though I said I’d never ever love, […]

Maui Boy

[Chords – Gm, Eb, Bb, F] I see you there you’re lookin’ so fine What can I do, to make you be mine You’ve been checkin’ me out, from the first time that I saw you What is there left for me to do Why don’t you come over and talk to me ‘Cause your […]

Manic Monday

Wake Up it’s Monday (Again?) Get up, stand up, get ready for the day the rhythm will move you in each and every way we jammin’,slammin’ comin’ like a freight train listen to dis track and you’ll go insane whoax2 listen… Six ‘o clock already I was just in the middle of a dream (oh […]


Makanalei – Moke Boy F Bb In a Window, i can see C7 F a little Angel, looking at me F F7 Bb a pretty Flower, yes a Pretty flower just for me F C7 F C7 my Li’i li’i, ku’uipo, Makanalei F Bb In a Craddel, Rock a bye C7 F my love and […]


Makalapua (The Opening Flower) Traditional G7 C G7 `O Makalapua ulumahiehie C G7 `O ka lei o Kamaka`eha C G7 No Kamaka`eha ka lei na Li`awahine C C7 Na wahine kihene pua Hui: F G7 C G7 C C7 E lei ho`i, E Lili`ulani e F G7 C G7 C E lei ho`i, E Lili`ulani […]

Misery’s End

Paula Fuga “Misery’s End” Note: To sound more like Paula’s playing hammer off the G string on the upstrum of the F and Am chords Intro: F Am x2 F Am F Just something i must do for future Am Gm Always knew that it would be just so? Bbm F I’d be counting the […]

Morning Ride

Whoa now now now now Come me closer den? And tell me gates down 9 Girl u lookin pretty and you know u so fine Wutchu doin to me is jus like fine wine Getting much sweeter as we pass by the time O no catch me when me lookin at me bedroom eyes And […]

Me and You

Me and You G, D, Em C, Bm, Am, D verse 1: search the whole world for a girl like you forever made my life so complete and if i could I’d like to make you my wife, and never never ever leave you girl chorus: cuz i been waiting for a girl like you […]


F I like the sand spreading out to the sea, I like the Dm tropical moon and the lazy palm trees, I like to Bb C7 F C7 listen to my heart, there’s no place I’d rather be F I like the people, I like the way they smile, I like the Dm feeling of […]

Mother of the Sea

Mother of the Sea Darren Benitez F# Bbm F# Bb C Bb C F C Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo Oooooo F Bb F Mother of the sea, you are precious to me G C Sharing your beauty for all the world to see F Bb F Your journey seems so endless traveling miles across the sea […]

Mele Kalikimaka Ei Nei

Mele Kalikimaka Ei Nei – Bros. Cazimero I’m (D)singing(G) you this(Em) Christmas(A) wish from (D)Hawai’I (G) (Em)(A) Where the (D)sands of (G)Waiki(Em)ki shine(A) white as(D) snow(G)(Em)(A) (G)Sending you a wreath of Aloha, to (D)brighten up your (A)day… (G)Mele Kaliki(A)maka Ei(D)Nei (G)(Em)(A) (D)(G)(Em)(A) (D)(G)(Em)(A) I’m (D)singing(G) you this(Em) Christmas(A) wish from (D)Hawai’I (G) (Em)(A) Hono(D)lulu (G)lights […]

Mele of My Tutu E

{t:Mele of My Tutu E} {st:Pahinui Bros} Vamp[D] [G7] [C] [D] [G7] [C] [C]Ho’okahi Sunday afternoon [G7]There goes my tutu [C]e [C7] She’s[F]trucking on down to [C]town On the [D]ala nui[G7]kapakahi [C]way [D] [G7] [C] [C]She was singing an old melody Of [G7]‘Anapau, ‘e liliu [C]e’[C7] [F]Tutu will show you how to [C]do-oo The [D]hula […]

Mahina `O Hoku

Mahina ‘O Hoku – Lilian Awa – Arr. Damon Young I use these voicings for this song G9: 4210 C7: 3200 D7: 2020 VAMP G9-C7-F F F7 Bb F D7 Auhea wale ‘oe mahina ‘o hoku Where are you tonight, moon and stars D7 G9 C7 Bb F Ho’ike a’e ‘oe a i kou nani […]

Mr. San Cho Lee

Mr. San Cho Lee Keola & Kapono Beamer G D7 Mr San Cho Lee (Mr San Cho Lee), got plenty lychee G Got plenty lychee, but he no give to me D7 And he`s just one mean old Pake man G D7 Mr Conrad Jones (Mr Conrad Jones), got plenty swimming pool G Got plenty […]

Mele Kalikimaka

Intro: [C] [A] [Dm] [G7] [C] [G7] Boys: [C] Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say On a bright Hawaiian Christmas [G7] Day. That’s the island greeting that we send to you from the land where palm trees [C] sway [C7] Here we know that Christmas will be [F] green and bright The [A7] sun […]

Maile Lei For Your Hair

Maile Lei For Your Hair Norman Kaye A [Bbm]maile [F]lei for your [Cdim]hair [Gm] Has a [C7]special [F]meani[Am]ng [Gm7] It’s a [C7]sweet al[Am]oha [Gm7] Made with [C7]loving [F]care [Gm7] From [Bbm]mountians [F]kissing the [Cdim]blue [Gm Near the [C7]ridge of [F]heav[Am]en [Gm7] I have [C7]brought this [Am]Maile [Gm7] Maile [C7]love for [F]you [F7] Hui: [Bb]Maile,[C7] fashioned […]


Mama Noel Watson Country Comfort Intro: DMaj7 D6 DMaj7 D6 Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7 D6 Em7 Want me to love you, want me to be there, you know I will A7sus A7 Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7 D6 Stay until … we could say goodbye Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7 D6 Em7 Cause everything’s exchanging, time rearranges, is never the […]

Mehahea/White Sandy Beach

Mehameha Composed By: Rick Bibbs, Alice Namakelua and Peter Moon White Sandy Beach Composed By: William Dann F Dm Bb Oooh, oooh, oooh F Dm Bb F Ua mehameha au, ‘a’ohe hoa aloha Dm Bb F Ua nui na makahiki, a hele aku ho’i au F Dm Bb F ‘I’ini au ia ‘oe e noho, […]

Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa Helen Lindsey Parker G `Auhea wale `oe Mauna Loa lâ C G Kikala nui D7 Ho`i ho`i mai `oe i ku`u aloha lâ G E, e, e ka`awaloa nei G Ua hiki nô `oe a e hele ana lâ C G Me ka ipo manuahi D7 A na`u nô ia `oni ho`okahi lâ […]

Makee `Ailana

Makee `Ailana James K. I`i G C G Makee `ailana ke aloha lâ D7 G `Âina i ka `ehu`ehu o ke kai G C G `Elua `ekolu nô mâkou D7 G I ka `ailana mâhiehie G C G Ka leo o ka wai ka`u aloha D7 G I ka `î mai ê anu kâua G […]