No Way No

Intro (2x): Gm, Cm, F, Dm Verse 1: Gm Cm Hey baby, baby F Dm Your heart’s too big to be treated small Gm Cm So please don’t blame me, blame me F Dm For tryna be the one who could have it all Gm Cm And you know it ain’t stupid, stupid F Dm […]

No Sleep

Intro (4x): Emaj7, A Yeah … woo … (ooh) … yeah Verse 1: Emaj7 A Oh, woulda been about last week Emaj7 When you said you were leaving me A It didn’t even last a day Emaj7 But oh it felt so long A I thought you were gonna come Emaj7 But then you changed […]

New Day

(Simple Version – for advanced alternate chords, scroll to the bottom) Intro (2x): A, C#m7, Bm7 Verse 1: A C#m7 I was a girl … a girl without a name Bm7 Bought a one-way ticket on a going nowhere train (choo choo) A C#m7 I was falling fast and there was nothing to grab Bm7 […]

Need to Know

Intro (Ukulele tab with Chords): G#m D#m C#m D#m A|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|—–| E|—–2———–|—–2-2s4——-|—–2———–|—–| C|——-3———|—————–|——-1s3-1s3—|—–| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—–| G#m D#m C#m D#m A|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|—–| E|—–2———–|—–2-2s4——-|—–2———–|—–| C|——-3———|—————–|——-4s6——-|—–| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—–| (Intro picking is also played during Chorus) Verse 1: G#m D#m C#m D#m G#m Got an outside perspective … expected to walk away D#m C#m D#m (Way), they say (they say) G#m D#m C#m […]

Neighborhood Girl

This song used to play everyday on islandradio 98.9 on Kaua’i Chords: F // Gm// (There’s a girl living in my neighborhood …) Verse 1: Excuse me, pretty pretty pretty lady Nice to meet you, my name is Jermere yea Ever since you move right around my way My eyes been blessed by your beauty, […]

Nothing More

I’m not a very good cook But I will learn if you’d like me to And I’m a little bit messy But I would clean up my mess for you I watch a lot of TV But I’ll turn it off if you ask me to I’ll do it all if you’ll please say “I […]

Naughty Girl

CHORDS: A // Bm // Why don’t you be my naughty, be my naughty girl why don’t you be my naughty, be my naughty girl why don’t you be my naughty, be my naughty girl In the morning time, ooh ooh In the evening time, ooh ooh When the sun don’t shine, ooh ooh And […]

Nâ Moku `Ehâ

Nâ Moku `Ehâ (The Four Islands) J. Kealoha & Noelani Mähoe F A7 Dm A7 Hanohano Hawai`i la lei i ka lehua la D7 G7 C7 F Kuahiwi nani la o Mauna Kea F A7 Dm A7 Kilakila `o Maui la lei i ka roselani la D7 G7 C7 F Kuahiwi nani la o Haleakalâ […]

No Other Love

Intro (2x): Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb Cm Ab I can take you to the kingdom my lady Eb Bb Place you on the throne if you’re ready Cm Ab Never gonna leave you, I’m stayin’ girl Eb Bb Next to you because Cm Ab Eb Bb There is no other love, no other love like […]

Na Pua Lei `Ilima

Na Pua Lei `Ilima Composed By: E Kaui Zuttermeister/E Furtado G D7 G G7 Nani wale na pua, lei ka `ilima C G D7 G `O ka u`i ho`oheno, O Kakuhihewa G D7 G G7 Kulana hiehie, me ka hanohano C G D7 G Ha`aheo i ka maka, ke `ike aku G D7 G G7 […]

Nothing To Hide

chords:A F#M D E chorus cause i dont never ever wanna see you lonely cause your love is something that you just don’t push aside and i’ll promise that i’ll give you all my lovin girl i’ll open up my heart because there’s nothing to hide ooh ooh ooh, ooh nothing to hide(2x) 1st verse […]

No One

C#m All I wanna do is just tell you girl Promise that I love you when you rock my world B All I wanna do is just let you know That I never ever ever wanna let you go C#m No one, that could ever do what you do No one, I could ever sing […]


Intro: G Gm D G Gm A7 Verse:1 D Em A7 G D Fly, on through the nightwind, take a star to her for me D Em A7 D A7 Please whisper I love her, tell her wait for me D Em A7 G D Here it seems so cold now, how I miss her […]

Naumati Lagona

F C F Naumati lagona mamao fo’i lo’u aiga F F7 Bb To’a le aisa, o’ona foi le uaina Bb Mafana le mafutaga o oe le tausala G7 C Faigata mea uma ua goto i le va’a F C F Fia fau se fale lelei mo oe F7 Bb Talofa e leai o se kamuta […]

Na Wahine

VERSE 1 C Dm C Let me tell you a story/Of an angel I met/Strong as a sunrise/and soft as C Dm a sunset/She spoke through a whisper/She lives through a smile/Beautiful C Em Am Em as a newborn child/But all I know/What this angel once said/She wants to Am F G show/That true love […]

The Night Music

The Nightmusic Cecilio and Kapono A9 (0102) A When you’re livin’ like a man Amaj7 Bm7 Who lives in the land of the midnight sun A Amaj7 Bm7 Sleepin’ all day to pass it away till the evening comes D E A9 A When the shadows bring the lady once again to your room Bm7 […]

Noho Paipai

Traditional Intro/Vamp: D7, G7, C C C7 F C Pupue iho au i mehana D7 G7 C (Vamp) Hone ana o uese i ku’u poli C7 F C Me he ala no e ‘i mai ana D7 G7 C (Vamp) ‘Auhea ku’u lei rose lani C7 F C Malihini ‘oe, malihini au D7 G7 C […]


Intro: Ooh, ah, baby (4x) A, Bm, C#m (2x) A Bm C#m Ooh, ah, baby (4x) A Bm C#m There ain’t no other fishes in my sea girl A Bm C#m You’re doubting me, and you still refusing me, girl A Bm C#m Oh can’t you see, that my love is so true? A Bm […]


Composer: Malani Bilyeu D Dmaj7 G Glider man over land he’s soaring, D Dmaj7 G A Life below could he know he’s flying over my Laurie, D Dmaj7 G A Natural high makes him sigh to know that he’s so free, G D Dmaj7 G Gm And he’s smiling down on me D Dmaj7 G […]

Noho Pai Pai

Intro (Vamp): D7 G7 C D7 G7 C Bb B C C F C A7 D7 G7 C Pupue iho wau e mehana `oni ana `o wese i ku`u poli (Repeat) VAMP C F C A7 D7 G7 C Me he `ala no e `i mai ana auhea ku`u lei Roselani (Repeat) VAMP Instrumental: VAMP […]