Chords: Verse:Bb,High C,F Chorus:Bb,High C,F,F7 yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [verse 1] Bb HighC F Patiently I’ve been waiting Bb HighC F for the perfect time to say Bb HighC F yes exactly how I feel for you Bb HighC F F7 it is finally that day [Chorus] Bb HighC F F7 Truthfully this […]


Verse: F Gm Chorus: F C Gm Bm (Verse) When we were young we used to play Walking down the street strumming ukulele Thinking about songs ’bout what Evers in our head Never a care in the whole world Everywhere we went we knew we were lucky To be running free living life in paradise […]

Pretty Wahine

Hey you pretty wahine, this ones for you Cm I’m standin closer I dont know what to say Bb Cm But I wanna get close to you Your lookin lovely, delicious & fantastic, Attractive so refreshing, girl u make me feel so new But I dont even know your name, apologies and I jus saw […]

Panini pua kea

John Kamealoha Almeida Panini Pua Kea AbAA#BbBCC#DbDD#EbEFF#GbGG# Intro : G D7sus x4 G D7sus G Auhea ino nei, a lei aloha D7 D9 G Ku`u hoa i ka nani a`o na pua G Eia mai au, o suipa lilo D7 G Ko ipo i ke a ka pua aniani G D7sus x4


Intro: F#m B F#m B Yeah, ah, ah, ah … yeah, ah, ah F#m B F#m B Ah oooh, ah, ah, ah … yeah F#m B Have you ever seen a people F#m B With so much hospitality F#m B A people so very, very peaceful F#m B Filled with love and unity, whoa C#m […]

Pua Lililehua

Pua Lililehua Mary Puku`i & Kahauanu Lake G D7 G G7 `Auhea wale ana `oe C G D7 E ka pua lililehua G B7 Em A he `ipo ho`ohenoheno C G D7 G D7 G E ho`ohihi ai no ka mana`o G D7 G G7 Iâ `oe e `imi ana C G D7 I nâ […]

Papalina Lahilahi

P?p?lina Lahilahi (Dainty Cheeks) Traditional G C G He aloha wau i? `oe l? D7 G G7 Kou p?p?lina lahilahi C G I ka ho?opulu mau `ia l? D7 G I ka hunehune o ke kai G C G He aha n? ho?i kau l? D7 G G7 O ke ala wiki `ana mai C […]


Palolo Performed by: The Ka`au Crater Boys A7 D7 G7 C Ho`i ke aloha `ia Palolo, kau`a lilihua kilihune nei (Repeat) A7 D7 G7 C Kau`a no ia olu ka mana`o, honehone ae nei ika pu`uwai (Repeat) Instrumental A7 D7 G7 C Kani a kaleo o kekolo hala, ka`ulu kukui honehone nei (Repeat) Instrumental A7 […]


Puanani Verse 1: C Am Dm7 G7 C I see a rainbow, its in your eyes, so beautiful its paradise. C Am Dm7 G7 C F-G I hear your voice calling out to me, its whispering so heavenly. Refrain: C Am Dm7 G7 C F-G Pua nani, come into my heart. Hold me in your […]

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces Justin Young Justin Young ft. Colbie Caillat Capo 6th Fret C G We used to talk for hours on the phone Am Any night I was away from home F That’s the way it was before C G We used to sleep just like a set of spoons Am Now it’s like I’m […]

Play Me Like A Fool

Intro (2x): F#m // C#m // Bm //// Verse 1: F#m C#m Bm She take her time fe put on her makeup F#m C#m Bm ‘Cause tonight she plans to wine and dine F#m C#m Bm She slips into her little black dress F#m C#m Bm And puts on a fragrance that’s so divine F#m […]

Paniolo Country

Paniolo Country Melveen Leed A D E7 A Places I have been, cities I have seen, D E7 With concrete caverns rising from the ground A D B7 E7 Miles and miles of asphalt trail stretch across the land, D E7 Stampeding metal ponies leaving smoke along the way… Chorus A D E7 A I’m […]

Provide For You

Intro (2x): Bm, F#m, Bm, F#m – F#7 Bm F#m I can’t stand this lonely feeling Bm F#m Sitting here just staring at the walls Bm F#m My heart can be so revealing G F#m ‘Cause loving you is all I really want Pre-Chorus: Bm F#m But you’re gone from nine ‘til nine Bm F#m […]


Palehua Words by Amy Hanaiali`i Gilliom, Music by William `Awihilima Kahaiali`i D G E kahea mai ana `O Palehua e D G Wahi lani ha`upu ia`u e poina `ole D G D G Ke kuahiwi kaulana wehe i ka lani D G `O ka wahi ki`eki`e loa `O Palehua e D G E pa mai […]

Pua Lilia

Pua Lilia Composed By: Alfred Alohikea Performed By: Sunday Manoa C `Auhea wale `oe e ka ua Fdim F G7 Ke nihi a`e nei i na pali Dm G7 Dm G7 Ka helena o ia pua i `ako `ia Dm G#7 C G7 He popohe mai nei ia uka C Ia uka ho`i au e […]

Put Some Time

PUT SOME TIME w PICKING Composed By: natural vibes Performed By: natural vibes Intro: Alright alrighty baby (pick) A10-10-10-10-9-10-9-7-7-7-7-5-5-5-3-3-3-2-2-2-ham3-3-2-ham3-5 E———————————————————— C———————————————————— G———————————————————— Verse 1 G D You said that you was leavin’ Em Now why would you wanna do that for baby G D Cus if its your feelins Em Then I would understand G […]

Pure Aloha


Pua Nani

Pua Nani Composed By: Ben Vegas Performed By: 5:05 C Am Dm7 G7 C F G7 I see a rainbow, it’s in your eyes, so beautiful, it’s paradise C Am Dm7 G7 C F G7 I hear your voice calling out to me, it’s whispering, so heavenly Refrain C Am Dm7 Pua Nani, come into […]

Pocket Change

Chords: A F#m D E7 Now listen girls, Koa Uka now commin at you our difference style Yes me come for drive your whine And a little bit of pocket change, something all you lovely girls can use Now feel dis A F#m D E7 It’s been a long long while ever since I’ve seen […]

Perfect Together

Perfect Together w/ chords Composed By: Danyo Cummings Performed By: Danyo Cummings chords is: G Bm7 Em C (intro) 2-222-3-2–2-222-3-2–2-222-3-2-2-3-2-0— 3———-2———-3—————–3- 2———-2———-4——————- 0———-2———-0——————- 2-222-3-2–2-222-3-2–2-222-3-2-2-3-2-0— 3———-2———-3—————–3- 2———-2———-4——————- 0———-2———-0——————- G Girl Bm Em you and me We’d be so perfect together G Bm Em ooooooooooo (verse 1) G Bm Em Life is cold when your all alone […]

Pua Carnation

Pua Carnation Charles E. King G D D7 ‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe C G Pua carnation ka’u aloha D D7 A ke lawe ‘ia ‘ala ‘oe D G C G E ka makani pa kolona-he G D D7 Ko aloha kai hiki mai C G Ho’eha i ka pu’uwai D D7 Noho ‘oe a mana’o […]

Perfect Sometimes

Perfect Sometimes Justin James Intro: D Em G A x2 D Em We I’ve been talking about this thing called love G A Probably something you’ve been dreaming of D Em It’s the one thing I can make it right G A It’s like your coffee in the morning light D Em It’s the sweetest […]

Pua Hone

Pua Hone Dennis Kamakahi Intro: D, C, D D G D O ‘oe ka wahine a ke aloha A7 D I laila i ka uluwehi, ku’u pua hone i ka la’i D G D O ‘oe ka wahine a ke aloha A7 D I laila i ka uluwehi, ku’u pua hone i ka la’i D […]

Pua Olena

Pua ‘Olena Jimmy Kaholokula Island Rhythms G Bm Pua ‘olena, pua moe wale, G7 C i ka nahele e moe nei Cm Ka ua noe makali’i G E7 Am E ala mai ho’ike mai i kou nani D7 G D7 Pua ‘olena, pua ‘olena G Bm Pua ‘olena, dream filled beauty G7 C Of my […]