Straight To The Heart

[Verse 1] Amaj7 I got something on my mind now Dmaj7 It’s making me cold inside Amaj7 Dmaj7 Thinkin’ ’bout the things real close to me Amaj7 Dmaj7 Or feelings I’m trying to hide Amaj7 Dmaj7 Wondering if I lost everything Amaj7 Dmaj7 What would happen to me Amaj7 Dmaj7 Would I find that special […]

She Go

Chords: C, Fmaj7* *you can also substitute a normal F chord (HIRIE plays a regular F for the whole song in a live acoustic video) *or a Dm (HIRIE plays Dm towards the end of the official music video) [Verse 1] C Ask ’em why they livin’ and they struggle in a small town, no […]

Stuck On Stupid

Intro (4x) : A // Bm // Verse 1: A Bm A Bm You had me, baby … you had me good A Bm ‘Cause I was foolish, stuck on stupid, A Bm Scared of losing then I lost A Bm A Bm You left me, baby … shoulda known you would A Bm You […]

Sink or Swim

Verse 1: F C Dm Bb All we do is fight with each other We lie to each other, we do now We should wanna die for each other Rely on each other, we don’t though Pre-Chorus: I thought you were the one for me But we’ve been treading trouble waters for months All I […]


Intro: A C#m Verse: A C#m Seriously, its been a long time Since I’ve heard from thee Since you dropped me a line Well I know what you’ve been going through And I know what I’ve been telling you Girl seriously give me another one Wo yeah Bridge: Am G I happen to know what’s […]

Sugar High

Intro (x2): Dm// Bb// F// C// Verse 1: She’s my Hersheys Kiss, that I’ll always miss I’m wrapped in silver with a shimmer that’s so glamorous I’m finally taking the time to melt slowly I find a rhythm that’ll move her with this low beat More mature with the 100 Grand in her pocket Gives […]

Sweet Okole

Sweet Okole – Hoaikane G – Am Hoaikane Music (music – Music) we cruzin at twilight in waikiki the sun is bout to set way up on the sea the luau they are jammin right upon the beach you hear the drum sounds of the polynesian beat step into the luau i cant believe all […]

See Her Again

Chords: D, A, Bm, G Verse 1: D A Bm G It’s 2 months, its 12 days, 5 hours since I didn’t talk to you D A Bm G Girl I (oh) really gotta sing (oh oh), it’s been driving me crazy for a while Chorus: D A Bm G ‘Cause each time she comes […]

Stay Irie

[VERSE-Em & Am] [CHORUS-C,D,G,Em] VERSE 1 It’s not fair all these rumors in the air Of my friends and the way they choose to live Rumors say of a man made cloud of air And accuse all the ones whose eyes are red CHORUS And if you could stay irie always Then would you be […]

Sweet Reggae Woman

C#, Ebm, G# C# Ebm G# C# Ebm G# Sweet reggae woman always on my mind C# Ebm G# C# Ebm G# When ever you come around, you lookin’ so fine C# Ebm G# C# Ebm G# Sweet reggae woman please give me one chance C# Ebm G# C# Ebm G# Whenever I see you […]

Simple Love Song

Verse: A Gbm I see the way he walks into the room and then he speaks. A Gbm Bm E A Gbm So sweet, every word from his lips is like honey. I know he loves me. A Gbm Hear the way he sings and the way he strums his instrument. A Gbm Bm E […]

Summer Fling

Summer Fling – Eden Roc Originally, I thought the chords were a A to G thing and you can play it like that if you want, but I think these work better… DM7=2224 Em7=4435 Do I even need to say it? Reggae strum works good. [INTRO] DM7 Em7 DM7 Em7 Youuuuooooo Ala la la lala […]


Chords: A , C#m, Bm , E7 Ooohhh… Shoooo… Do, do, do, do, do, dooo… I’m a superman thanks to Lois Lane Kissed away my problems when I went insane Took me from the depths when I lost my name (oooh) Give me something I could live for Now everyone is wondering what’s the change […]


Sanoe Queen Lili`uokalani Various G G7 C `Auhea `oe e Sanoe D7 G D7 Ho`opulu liko ka lehua G G7 C Eia ho`i au G D7 G Ke kali nei i ko leo G G7 C `O ka pane wale mai no D7 G `Olu wau mehe wai `ala G7 C Honehone me he ipo […]

Stand In the light

CHORUS D Stand, stand in the light A Stand, stand in the light my friend G D – C – Bm Stand, stand in the light of love D C Bm Stand in the light, of love…….. D Bm I was walking underneath the clouds Em A Stormy weather in my life D Bm You […]

She’s a Professional

Bb Cm7 Yeah Bb Cm7 Whoa, yeah, yeah Bb She’s a professional, she can’t stop An original, always on the clock Cm7 Running like a track star, shot off the block Think it’s gonna last, ‘aint nothing but talk Bb She’s a professional, easy to get But impossible (gonna make you sweat) Cm7 Now you […]

Sensi Boy

Chords: Cm, G#, D#, Gm or Capo 1 and play Bm, G, D, F#m Chorus: Cm G# D# Ooh, help me, I’m in love with a sensi boy Gm Cm Whoa-o-oh and I love him so G# D# Needle to the heart he won’t let me go Gm He won’t let me go “One, two” […]

Sway It Hula Girl

Sway It Hula Girl Kenneth Makuakane C Am Dm G7 Sway it Hula Girl, sway it all around C Am Dm G7 Sway it side to side, then you dip way down F E Am D7 Hold your head up high as you reach for the sky Dm G7 C As you sway side to […]


Sunflower Cecilio & Kapono C E7 Am Dm G7 If this world were a flower garden and your smiling face a flower therein C E7 Am Dm D G Sunflower with the golden hair I would know you anywhere C E7 Am Dm G7 I could visit you in moonlight wouldn’t make no difference in […]

Sophisticated Hula

Sophisticated Hula Sol Bright D7 G7 C (vamp as needed) C C7 F Fm Hands on you hips, do your hula dips C G7 Sophisticated hula is the talk of the town C C7 F Fm Swing your partners `round, soon you’ll cover ground C G7 Sophisticated hula is the talk of the town Chorus: […]

Sweet Like Sugar

Chords: F Dm Bb C7… 2/4…2 beats for each chord a-3-0———3-1 5-1—0-1-3s5-3 3-0————- ——–0-1-3-1-0-1— e—-3-1-3-3s5— —5-3——— —3-1-3-3s5-1-3 —0-1-3———3-0-1 c—————- ————— —————- 0h2——————- g—————- ————— —————- ———————- Every time I look at you, you turn the other way I get no winks, no wave no time of day But I see a sparkle in your eye […]

Sweet Darling

Sweet Darlin – Fiji Verse 1: C we’ve been together awhile and i don’t meant to cramp your style sometimes i wonder just how G F G things happened this way F and i’m just reminiscing of that G C F F C one whole night we would spend. Verse 2; you pick me up […]


Original Recording Tuned 1/2 step down (F#, B, D#/Eb, G#) C Am Surf is the only way I say F G7 To make music with the ocean day by day C Am I surf all day play music all night F G7 And I just can’t wait till the morning light to go Chorus: C […]