Chords: F //// Bb // C // Intro (spoken): You see, I met this little fine thing out there in the islands She’s been on my mind since, but let me tell you how the story goes Verse 1: I took a flight, I was overseas, yeah There must be something comin’ over me I […]

The Right Thing

Intro (2x): E // B // F#m // B // Yeah, all right, oh yeah Verse 1: E B A Young man, young man, what will you do with your life? E B A Young man, young man, will you turn left or right? E B So many choices, so many decisions A Which one […]

Take It Slow

Intro Pad: A7 Intro Chords: Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7 We don’t gotta be in no rush, no, oh Alright baby, it is just me and you Chorus: Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 We don’t wanna be in a rush, baby just take it slow Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 You and I know the connection is right, […]


Chords – Em, Bm, Em, Bm, Em, Bm, A, Bm We are all Bredren and Sistren in one big famnily We all are brethen and sistren each one a part of a tree a tree that Jah has planted to live pon dis earth a tree with roots so strong and deep it nevaaaaa it […]

The Nite B4

Bb Oh oh, oh oh, oh-oh Eb Oh oh, oh oh, oh-o-oh Bb Oh oh, oh oh, oh-oh F I’m still drunk from the night before Bb The sun is creepin’ on the shore Eb There’s strangers passed out on the floor Bb F What’d we get into last night? Bb Tequila on my morning […]


F // C // F // Bb // F // C // F // C // Dm Here’s a little story of a young man Who came across a woman takin’ all attention Bb There he fell in love … with this beautiful girlie Dm He spent a lot of time tryna get to know […]

Time To Get Over

Intro (2x): Chords – Bm, Amaj7 Ukulele Tab – A|-9——————————–|-9——————————–| E|—9-12—-9———————-|—9-12—-9———————-| C|——–11—9-11-6-9————-|——–11—9-11-6-9————-| G|———————————-|———————————-| A|———————————|——————————–| E|———————————|——————————–| C|-8———————–11——|-8——————————| G|———————————|——————————–| Verse 1: Bm You say it’s over, you left me out there Amaj7 To die, oh yeah Bm I feel like it’s colder, although it’s warmer Amaj7 Than July, baby Chorus: Bm Time to get over Amaj7 No […]

Tiny Bubbles

TINY BUBBLES Don Ho Chorus: F C7 Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles) in the wind F Make me happy (make me happy) Make me feel fine (make me feel fine) F F7 B7 Tiny bubbles ( tiny bubbles) make me warm all over Bm F C7 F With a feeling that I’m gonna love you till […]


A|—3——5—7-2–3–5-0–2–3–3–2–0| E|———5—5—-3–3—-1–1—1–1–1| C|—————————————–| g|——4—–4—–2–2—-0–0–0–0–0–| X2 A|—0—-7p0——-5p0—— E|—5————5———- C|—0———————– G|—5–5——-5———— A|——–7p0——-8p0———7p0——-5p0——-7p0—-0———- E|—–5———5———–5———-5——–5—————1———- C|——————————————————————0———- G|—5———5———–5———-5——–5—————–0———- A|—–3p0——–2p0——-3p0—–0——5p0——–3p0——–5p0–| E|————-1———-1————–3————-3———–3———-| C|—————————————-2————————————-| G|—0——-0———-0—————0—0——-0———–0——— -| X2 A|—0——10/12—-10—-7—-7/10—-7—-5—-5/7| E|—0——10/12—-10—-7—-7/10—-7—-5—-5/7| C|—9——————————————————| g |—9—0———-0—–0—–0——-0—-0—–0—-| A|–0—–3p0——–2p0——-3p0—–0——5p0——–3p0——–5p0–| E|–1————-1———-1————-3————-3———–3———-| C|–0—————————————2————————————-| G|–0–0——-0———-0—————0—0——-0———–0——— -| A|—0——10/12—-10—-12—-12/15—-12—-10—-10/12| E|—0——10/12—-10—-12—-12/15—-12—-10—-10/12| C|—9—————————————————————-| G|—9—0———-0—–0——0———-0——0—–0——–| A|—5-5| E|—3-3| C|—2-2| G|—0-0 | X2 A|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| E|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| C|—-4—-9—-7—–6—–11—-9—7—-6| G|—-2—-7—-5—–4——9—–7—5—-4| A|—0–2–3–5——5–3–2–0| E|—1–1–1–1——7–7–7–7| C|—0–0–0–0——7–7–7–7| G|—0–0–0–0——0–0–0–0| A00000000000000000000000000000000|| E|00000000000000000000000000000000| C|—-4——9—–7——6—–11—–9—–14| G|—-2——7—–5——4——9——7—–12| A|—0–2–3–5——5–3–2–0| E|—1–1–1–1——7–7–7–7| C|—0–0–0–0——7–7–7–7| G|—0–0–0–0——0–0–0–0| […]

Three Little birds

Intro: A D A Chorus: A Don’t worry, about a thing D A Cause’ every little thing, gonna be alright (A) Singin’ don’t worry, about a thing D A Cause’ every little thing, gonna be alright Verse: A Rise up this mornin’ E Smile with the rising sun D A three little birds pirch by […]

Tell Her

Intro: Gmaj7 //////// Am7 //////// Gmaj7 See when you love beautiful, You always have to let her know Am7 That you still want her That you still need her, yeah Gmaj7 Your girl, she wants to be appreciated, You gotta show her day by day Am7 That you’re fighting, you’re trying To keep this love […]

Tell Me

Verse Chords: C#, A#m, D#m, G# (or Capo 1st fret and play C, Am, Dm, G) Chorus Chords: C#, Fm, F#, G# (or Capo 1st fret and play C, Em, F, G) Boy, tell me you love me And if you say those words I’ll be all yours tonight, tonight C# A#m You’re the one […]

Tropical Hawaiian Day

Tropical Hawaiian Day Performed by: The Ka’au Crater Boys F Bb Mountains roll down, to the sea, C7 F I wish that you were here with me. F Bb The waves are breaking along the shore, C7 F It`s not the same without you no more F Bb C7 F F Bb C7 F Chorus: […]

Time & Time

Intro: F(2) Am(2) Bb(2) C7(2) Verse 1: F Am Time and time again I asked you why Bb C7 did you run away and say goodbye. F Am You said that all you needed was a little time, Bb C7 time alone so you could clear your mind. Refrain: Bb C7 F Bb C7 F […]

This is the Life

This is the Life By Kolohe Kai Intro: G F Eb F A |-5——-5——-|-3——-3—–|-1——-5—3—|—0-3——| E |-7—7—7—7—|-5—5—5—5-|-3—3—6—5—|-1-1-1——| C |—–7——-7—|—–5——-5-|—–3———–|-0-0-0——| G |—————–|—————|—————–|-2-2-2——| Gm F Verse: Gm F The hills make me wanna run and play Eb F Every time I think of you Gm F And I wanna go up and sit right down Eb F And […]

Telephone Love

F Gm C7 F theres a girl that i sometimes call on the phone lately at night when im feeling alone and everytime she picks up the line and softly says hello my tempeture rises like a butterfly i wanna say more but baby i i just wanna be your man whos gunna be kissing […]

Take you for a Ride

Chords: Bb , Cm Intro: A———-8-10-8-8-10-8———-8-10-8— E-6-6-8-10—————6-6-8-10——–8- C—————————————— G—————————————— Chorus: Nana nana [ye-e-e-e-eah yeah] Nana nana [whoa oh oh oh]2xs Verse 1 Girl I’ve been meaning to talk to you About what went on last night Baby ive been such a fool Ever since we had dat fight Cause ive been waitin oh so long […]

Tender Years

Tender Years Eddie & The Cruisers John Cafferty Intro: [G] [Em] [C] [D] [G]When the moon hung soft and low, catchin’ [Em]stardust in the light You held me [C]closer and closer there was [D]magic in the night [G] A sweet love song, a melody that I [Em]still can recall Two young [C]hearts filled with dreams […]

Tell Me

Intro (2x): Dm, C, F, Gm Verse 1: Dm C From the very first time I saw you F Gm I felt my old life and it was all new Dm C I felt my knees get weak, my heart went crazy F Gm I felt some yes and no, I even felt some maybe […]

Tropical Lady

Tropical Lady Kapena Intro: A F#m D E7 (2X) A F#m D E7 A F#m She’s my lady, she’s my baby, she’s my woman Lord above D E7 A F#m and I’ll love her till the end of time D E7 A F#m and I’ll love her till the end of time D E7 said […]

Thunder & Lightning

Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Dm7 Hey … Can I get your number? Hit my heart like thunder Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Dm7 It’s a little frightening … Hit my soul like lightning, yeah Verse 1: Cmaj7 Dm7 I wake up, another morning, time to hit the road Em7 Fresh kicks, new fit, and I’m out the door […]

Take You Higher

Intro: C – Dm, C – Dm, Dm – Em – F, G – G, Am C, Dm, C, Dm, C, Dm, C, Dm C Dm Let me start things off by saying C Dm That the way you walk it drives me crazy C Dm And excuse me if you catch me staring C […]

Take Me On

Intro (2x): A, D, A, D, A, D, Bm, E A D A D I was in a song and it turned me around so A D Bm E I never heard a word you said A D A D And with so much going on, your words they just got lost A D Bm […]