Undercover lover

Intro: A-2–3-2——-2-h3-3-5-0–2-3-2—5–0–h2-2—-2–3-2——2-3h-3-5-0— E-3——3—————–3—–3——2——–3——3—————– C-4——–2—————4———————4——–2————— G————————————————————————- A-2–3-2—-5—3—2—-0——0——— E-3——3——————3-2—3——- C-4———-2—2—-2——————- G—————————————– G Am G Am You standing there with your man but i see you looking at me G Am G Am So I gave you a little smile and you smile on back at me Bm7 Am And ohhh girl how can I get you all […]

Ukulele Lady

F Db7-C7-F I saw the splendor of the moonlight on Honolulu Bay F Db7-C7-F There’s something tender in the moonlight on Honolulu Bay Dm And all the beaches are full of peaches Am? Who bring their ukes along F ?And in the glimmer of the moonlight Db7 C7 ?They love to sing this song F […]

Up, Down, Side to Side

Chords: Bb and Cm Hook I don’t need no interpretation, cause this relation I’m in it for the long run. Quit toying, wit my affection. True this connection, I came to get the job done. Verse 1 There’s this girl I know, and every where I go she’s somehow always on my mind, and I […]


Composer: John Watkins Intro (2x): B7-E7-A A A7 Kaulana mai nei D A A’o ‘Ulupalakua B7 He iniki niki ahiahi E7 A Vamp: B7-E7-A Ka home a’o paniolo A A7 He wehi e ku’u lei D A A’o ‘Ulupalakua B7 Onaona me ka ‘awapuhi E7 A Vamp He nani maoli no A A7 Ha’ina mai […]