[Chorus]: G Oh baby, I can’t wait for the day I would Get down on one knee and I would Em Ask you to be my wifey Oh, let me be your man (man) And you can be my lady (lady) We’ll keep it on the low, low C Nobody needs to know, know Spending […]

With You

With You – Kaipo Kapua G#m=4342 or 1342 F#m=6654 I think Reggae strum works great with this one…. However, A good strum pattern to play along with video… DOWN DOWN Chunk-UP UP UP-DOWN CHUNK-UP [INTRO] G#m F#m (repeat a few times and then continue till end of song) [VERSE] G#m F#m You’re so damn fly, […]

Wahiawa is calling

Ooh la la la la la, Ooh wah, Ooh la la la la la, Ooh wah G D G I gotta go to a place where rainbows, that seem to shine after a falling rain D G Back to a time where the life is easy, where almost everybody knows my name D G When […]

Wai O Ke Aniani

Wai O Ke Aniani Traditional Intro: D7-G7-C (2X) C E aloha a`e ana wau la G7 C Aloha ku`u pua ka lehua la F C E moani ke `ala i ka poli la G7 C `Uhe’uhene i ka wai o ia pua Chorus: C Hu`i au konikoni i ka wai konikoni G7 C Wai hu`ihu`i […]


Wai`alae Traditional G D7 `Ai a iki no ho`i hoe G Kahi`ini a ka mana`o G C Ho`okahi ma punale`o D7 G Pualawa `ia I ka makemake G D7 `Ai a iki hoaloha G Ku`u home `ia Wai`alae G C Kou aloha I pi `aumoe D7 G Pulupe I ke kehau Instrumental Repeat both verses

Mehahea/White Sandy Beach

Mehameha Composed By: Rick Bibbs, Alice Namakelua and Peter Moon White Sandy Beach Composed By: William Dann F Dm Bb Oooh, oooh, oooh F Dm Bb F Ua mehameha au, ‘a’ohe hoa aloha Dm Bb F Ua nui na makahiki, a hele aku ho’i au F Dm Bb F ‘I’ini au ia ‘oe e noho, […]

White Sandy Beach

F I saw you in my dream, we were walking hand in hand Bb Bbm F On a white sandy beach of Hawai`i We were playing in the sun, we were having so much fun Bb Bbm F On a white sandy beach of Hawai`i C Bb C Bb/ F/ The sound of the ocean […]

What She Really Needs

Saxophone Instrumental:(Eb-F-Bb) Verse 1: Eb F Bb Eb F Bb She’s the same poor kind of woman, she’s the one for me Ed F Dm Gm Eb F Doesn’t ask for much In life though, but I know what she needs Eb F Bb Eb F Bb Oh and when she’s feeling down I got […]

What Do I Do

A (2x) Bm E7 you told me maybe we could still be friends deep down i knoe you’ll learn to love again so girl quit playing all your silly games cuz life without your love won’t be the same chorus: when you took my heart and broke it in two now we’re apart theres no […]

What Do I Do

[Cmaj7] Here I am so far and I can [Gmaj7] only think of her I [Cmaj7] know what I am doing and that its [Gmaj7] wrong [Cmaj7] Sitting in a tidal pool of [Gmaj7] love I swirl around The [Cmaj7] slippery fish of love just swims a[Gmaj7]long by me REFRAIN: [Cmaj7] What do I do? […]

Wake Up My Darling

*Intro: F Am Bb C (2x’s) *Verse I: F Am ‘Cuz everytime we meet Bb I get this funny little feeling, C7 F That takes over from my head to my feet. Am Oh can’t you see girl Bb(let it ring) C(let it ring) F A sweet lady you’re my one and only remedy Am […]

Waikiki Hula

Waikiki Hula Traditional Vamp: A7 D7 G G E7 A7 He aloha `ia no a`o Waikiki, ea D7 G A7 D7 G Ka nehe o ke kai hawanawana G E7 A7 Pa iho ka makani lawe malie, ea D7 G A7 D7 G Ke `ala onaona o ka lipoa G E7 A7 Kaulana kou inoa […]

Waimanalo Blues

Waimanalo Blues By Thor Wold & Liko Martin Country Comfort G D7 G Winds gonna blow, so I’m gonna go, down on the road again D7 G G7 Starting where the mountains left me, I’m up where I began C G Where I will go, the winds only knows, good times around the bend D7 […]

Wade In Your Water

Intro (2x): Em, C, G, D Em C Sponsored by Billabong, surfer girl G D Type of girl I like feel up on, in the water Em C Really wanna rock her boat, like a G D Hurricane in a perfect storm, Lord Em C Ask her where she on her way to G D […]

Wishing On Your Love

Intro(2x): A, Bm Verse 1: A It’s been just me for awhile Bm7 I must admit that I get tired of waiting for a love that I don’t think will come, oh no A Sometimes when I’m alone Bm7 I call you up just to hear your voice waiting for me on the other line, […]

Waialua Sky

Waialua Sky Composed by Brian Robertshaw-Bonnie Gearheart Performed by The Krush [F]In the night, an [C7]island rain, [F]Brought to mind an [Bb]old familiar [F]scene, [Dm]long forgotten [C7sus]now [C7] [F]Quickly time just [C7]passes by, [F]only all too [Bb]soon the [G]years can [C]fly [G7]Here to find I’ve [C7sus]grown[C7] And [F]now that I’m [Bb]on my own, [Dm]gone [G7]from […]

Wahine Ilikea

Wahine Ilikea Dennis Kamakahi Hui: G C G C G C Pua kalaunu ma ke kai G C `O Honouliwai G C G C Wahine `ilikea i ka poli `o Moloka`i G C G G7 Nö ka heke C Nani wale nö nä wailele `uka G G7 `O Hina `o Hähä `o Mo`oloa C Nä […]


Waikiki Andy Cummings F E7 There’s a feeling, deep in my heart F D7 Stabbing at me just like a dart Bb C7 F C7 It’s a feeling heaven—-ly F E7 I see memories out of the past F D7 Memories that always will last G7 C7 Of a place beside the sea F Cm […]