Your Song

Verse Chords: Em / / C / Bm / Chorus Chords: Am / / / / Em / / / / G / / / / D / / / / Damian Marley: Now greetings to the world, voice of the one called Big Gong-zilla Alongside SOJA, ooh-wee, yeah … do it, Jah Verse 1: […]

Your Turn

Chords: Bbmaj7, Cm7 (or just Bb, Cm) Verse 1: Ooh, you could keep me goin’ all night long And ooh, I bet the neighbors hear you scream and moan Ooh, ooh, it’s like you practice all the things I like And ooh, but baby it’s your turn tonight Chorus: Ima make your body shake, love […]

You Girl

F#m Straight up this love is like a blessing from above Baby girl you know we go together like hand and glove ‘Cause girl I’m always glad to see you E Said this is Shaggy and Ne-Yo Chorus: A C#m I know when it’s you girl, you girl F#m Sunshine and the flowers, jealous of […]

You’re All I Need

Intro: G, C, D, Dm, D7, G, D7 Verse 1: C D Waiting for your love G D Em Is all i do all day C D G D Em Finding an answer from you C D Here i am waiting G D Em By the phone all day C D G G7 Waiting for […]

Your Favorite Song

Intro Chords: Bm, C#m, D (high) Chorus, Verse, Rap Chords: Bm, C#m Check this out… CHORUS: Just keep on movin’ and groovin’ to the music Just keep your body swaying We’re playing your favorite song Girl I like it, you love it I want somemore of it Your body when you’re dancing right in front […]

You Make It Hard

A D/A Maybe I`ve done the wrong thing, sayin` that I love you E/A D A Maybe I chose the wrong time, `cause sayin’ it makes me blue D/A But how else can I tell you, well after leav’in me behind E/A D A Time can`t heal a broken heart, so I’m laying it on […]

You Don’t Write

A|——-|—–| E|——-|—–| C|2h4-2h4|2~~~~| G|——-|—–| after 2nd line of 1st & second verse & 2nd verse repeat (after C, before G) A|3-3-3-2-0—–| E|———3~~~~| C|————–| G|————–| right before chorus (after verse): A|3-2|0~~~~| E|—|0~~~~| C|—|0~~~~| G|—|2~~~~| after 1st line of chorus (after G, before Am): A|2-2-2-0-|0~~~~| E|——-3|0~~~~| C|——–|0~~~~| G|——–|2~~~~| Intro: G Bm C (2X’s) G Bm C G […]

You Came Into My Life

tune down 1/2 step You Came Into My Life Composed & Performed By: Pure Heart F Am Bb C7 F Am Thinking of her, trying to feel Bb C7 what it would be like if she held me near F Am Walking around all by myself Bb C7 searching for love with somebody else F […]

My Yellow Ginger Lei

My Yellow Ginger Lei John Kaonohiokala Keawehawaii A7 D7 G A7 D7 G D7 G D7 My yellow ginger lei G Reveals her scent through the day D7 Enchanting moments with you C Cm G A7 D7 G D7 Makes me love you G D7 Ku`u lei ‘awapuhi melemele G I puîa me ke `ala […]