G/D 0-2-3-5 Cadd9 0-0-3-5 Bm 4-2-2-2 E 4-4-4-2 E7 1-2-0-2 Am 2-0-0-0 D 2-2-2-0 Dsus 2-2-3-0 C 0-0-0-3 Cmaj7 0-0-0-2 G7 0-2-1-2 Intro: G/D, Cadd9 (4x) G/D Cadd9 Bm E E7 Are serenades still in style? Am Bm Am D Dsus D I know that deep inside you’re asking why G C Bm E E7 […]


BUTTERCUP Composed By: ALDRINE GUERRERO Performed By: ALDRINE GUERRERO Chords: AM7, Bm7 The tears from my eyes are unstoppable To hide them from you I’m not capable I’m missin your laughs and our talks on the phone It’s three in the morning and I’m all alone Dont count me out of your life Cause I […]