Back In My Life

Back In My Life – Awa feat. House of Shem C=0003 Em=0432 Am=2000 F=2010 (chords repeat for whole song) (there’s a live version recorded at KCCN which is a step lower key, so, to play along with that one… replace C, Em, Am, F with… B=4322 D#m=3321 G#m=4342 E=4442) [INTRO] C Em Am F (repeat […]

Home (Remix)

Intro: Bb // F // Eb //// Bb // F // Eb //// Bb // F // Eb //// Gm // F // Eb //// Bb F Heading back home, all packed up, yeah, Eb About to hit the road Bb F I don’t need much, got the sounds turned up, Eb I’m on cruise […]