Sink or Swim

Verse 1: F C Dm Bb All we do is fight with each other We lie to each other, we do now We should wanna die for each other Rely on each other, we don’t though Pre-Chorus: I thought you were the one for me But we’ve been treading trouble waters for months All I […]

I Am A King

Intro: F C Gm Bb I am a king for always, we are the kings for all days F C Gm Bb For the King of all kingdoms come … King of all kingdoms … Come Chords(2x): Dm, C, Bb, F Verse 1: Dm C Bb F All I am and all that I’ve become, […]

Home (Remix)

Intro: Bb // F // Eb //// Bb // F // Eb //// Bb // F // Eb //// Gm // F // Eb //// Bb F Heading back home, all packed up, yeah, Eb About to hit the road Bb F I don’t need much, got the sounds turned up, Eb I’m on cruise […]


(Bob Marley) “Well, you see the people have a voice inside of them that talk to them, you know? That is the voice that these people must listen to. Because in everything you go and do, there is a wrong way and a right way, and if you listen good, you will know the right […]

Another Rainbow

Chords for: Bo Napoleon’s version – Verse: C#, Fm, F#, G# Bridge: C#, G#, F#, G# or Capo on fret 1 – Verse: C, Em, F, G Bridge: C, G, F, G Baba B’s version – D, Bm, G, A (you can also play Dmaj7 instead of D) Intro(2x): Woah oh oh Whoa oh oh […]

Born and Raised

Intro (2x): Ebm, Bbm, Abm, Bbm (or Capo on fret 1 and play Dm, Am, Gm, Am) Ebm Bbm Visualize the soul of a soldier, Abm Bbm Reach inside the heart of a warrior, Ebm Bbm Abm Bbm See inside the mind and the dreams of your grandchild Ebm Bbm Realize the goals left forsaken, […]