Before You Go

Intro: C Am Want you to love me before you leave C Let me hold you before you go Am Just remember the times we shared C And remember you touched my soul G Am We don’t know where life will take us F I’ll hold my breath and be patient C G Am F […]

Your Turn

Chords: Bbmaj7, Cm7 (or just Bb, Cm) Verse 1: Ooh, you could keep me goin’ all night long And ooh, I bet the neighbors hear you scream and moan Ooh, ooh, it’s like you practice all the things I like And ooh, but baby it’s your turn tonight Chorus: Ima make your body shake, love […]


C No one can deny your flavor. Babygirl you taste so good to me. I know you love it when I go harder. You tell me what you want, Dm you beg me not to slow down. Bring me back up, I’ll go downtown, come back around, ay. C But no one does it quite […]

She’s a Professional

Bb Cm7 Yeah Bb Cm7 Whoa, yeah, yeah Bb She’s a professional, she can’t stop An original, always on the clock Cm7 Running like a track star, shot off the block Think it’s gonna last, ‘aint nothing but talk Bb She’s a professional, easy to get But impossible (gonna make you sweat) Cm7 Now you […]

No Other Love

Intro (2x): Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb Cm Ab I can take you to the kingdom my lady Eb Bb Place you on the throne if you’re ready Cm Ab Never gonna leave you, I’m stayin’ girl Eb Bb Next to you because Cm Ab Eb Bb There is no other love, no other love like […]

Thunder & Lightning

Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Dm7 Hey … Can I get your number? Hit my heart like thunder Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Dm7 It’s a little frightening … Hit my soul like lightning, yeah Verse 1: Cmaj7 Dm7 I wake up, another morning, time to hit the road Em7 Fresh kicks, new fit, and I’m out the door […]


Here’s a toast for my girls … Verse 1: A F#m7 You’re the chaser to my Crown Royal Bm E7 Body like a Coke bottle A F#m7 And with every drink I can’t help but think Bm E7 How smooth you go down yeah A F#m7 Girl … I love your flavor Bm E7 You’re […]

Wade In Your Water

Intro (2x): Em, C, G, D Em C Sponsored by Billabong, surfer girl G D Type of girl I like feel up on, in the water Em C Really wanna rock her boat, like a G D Hurricane in a perfect storm, Lord Em C Ask her where she on her way to G D […]

Fall In Love

Intro: (slow) Gm, A7 Dm, C, Gm, A7 (fast) Dm, C, Gm, F Dm, C, Gm, F Dm C Pull up to your house, pretty girl is all I see Gm A7 Loosen the mood, Malibu the remedy Dm C Vibe in the club, sexy thing I got to have it Gm A7 No need […]