Intro Chords: Dm7 //// //// Cmaj7 //// // Verse 1: A7* A7** Dm7 What can I do to please this cravin’? You got me fightin’ in the battle to rehabilitatin’ Cmaj7 The way I feel I, I can’t deny Because you put me in another state of mind Pre-Chorus: (Dm7, Cmaj7) You’re the habit I […]


Intro: Fm, Bb Fm Bb Dbdim C7 I can’t believe it … I can’t believe it Cm Fm Bb (Eb) Said I can’t believe it … In this lifetime Verse 1: Fm Ebmaj7 I’ve been searchin’ all my life for a love I can’t deny Fm Ebmaj7 A love so pure and free, a love […]