What She Really Needs

Saxophone Instrumental:(Eb-F-Bb) Verse 1: Eb F Bb Eb F Bb She’s the same poor kind of woman, she’s the one for me Ed F Dm Gm Eb F Doesn’t ask for much In life though, but I know what she needs Eb F Bb Eb F Bb Oh and when she’s feeling down I got […]

Shores of Waiehu

verse:C#(2)F#(1)G#(1) C# F# G# Everybody gettin ready,there’s a party here tonight no fus and no fightin everything well be just fine yea.. take your lovely lady and tell her that you love her so F#(2) G#(1) c#(1) show her the time of her life a night she’ll never know refrain:F# C# F# C# F# C# […]

Provide For You

Intro (2x): Bm, F#m, Bm, F#m – F#7 Bm F#m I can’t stand this lonely feeling Bm F#m Sitting here just staring at the walls Bm F#m My heart can be so revealing G F#m ‘Cause loving you is all I really want Pre-Chorus: Bm F#m But you’re gone from nine ‘til nine Bm F#m […]

Let Me Be There

Verse1: G Wherever you go, wherever you may C G wonder in your life, surely you know C i always wanna be there, holding your G C hand, has anybody catched you when you G fall, seeing you there and everything C that you do… Chorus: G So let me be there in your morning […]

Just Like That

G C G C G C G C C D7 G C D7 G INTRO A ——-0-0h2-0————2-2-2-3-2—0——-5-2-2-2-3-5-5/7-5-3-2-3-5 E —–3——–3—–3—————3——-3————————– C -2h4————4-4—4-2—————2-2—————————- G ———————————————————————– A —–0——5————————————————- E —2—3-5b—5b-3——————————————– C -2———————————————————— G ————————————————————– (Chorus) C D7 G Just like that, just like that C D7 G You are walking out of my room just like that C […]

Down in the Valley

Where’s everybody on this friday night We cruise in town and there’s no one in sight, So I hung around and wonder where could they be A:-7/9-7-5-7-4-2-2 Bm A Now I got this feeling and it flows inside Bm A It’s telling me tonight’s a party night Chorus: Bm A G A So do you […]