Haters (Remix)

Live Animaux remix It’s Kimie-eh-eh-eh-yeah This is for all you haters … Chords (except for Bridge): Bm // D // E //// Verse 1 (Kimie): What’s gotten into you? You sit around talkin’ like you do You let it get the best of you But I know better, my fire doesn’t need your fuel Uh, […]

Take It Slow

Intro Pad: A7 Intro Chords: Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7 We don’t gotta be in no rush, no, oh Alright baby, it is just me and you Chorus: Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 We don’t wanna be in a rush, baby just take it slow Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 You and I know the connection is right, […]

Dub Stop

Intro (4x): Bm A Way-oh … way-oh, way-oh-oh (way-oh, way-oh) Chorus: Bm A I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I, I don’t know what to do Bm A Em Now when the du-oo-u-oo-u-oo-u-oo-ub, yeah when the dub’s gone, hey Bm A Em I said I don’t know what to do when the dub stops, no I … hey Bm A Em […]