Haters (Remix)

Live Animaux remix It’s Kimie-eh-eh-eh-yeah This is for all you haters … Chords (except for Bridge): Bm // D // E //// Verse 1 (Kimie): What’s gotten into you? You sit around talkin’ like you do You let it get the best of you But I know better, my fire doesn’t need your fuel Uh, […]

It Is Wut It Is

Intro (3x): B, F#, C#m, E Verse 1 (Fiji): B F# C#m I’ve been captivated ever since the first time I saw you E You were like a non-stop train on the move B F# C#m Taking me places I never thought I’d go to E Now I realize how much I love you, B […]


Bb Gm Eb Cm Bb Mmm … hey, Irie Love & Kimie Gm Eb Cm Oh yeah, oh, mmm (Kimie) Bb Gm Eb Cm Bb I’ve been all around the world, still I can’t find nothing like you Gm Eb Cm Bb And even when we’re far apart, you’re the one I will always cling […]