Aloha Ku`u Pua

Aloha Ku`u Pua Composed By: Alvin Isaacs Performed By: Israel Kamakawiwo`ole C Cdim Dm7 G7 C A7 Aloha ku`u pua D7 Pili I ke kino G7 Ka pua milimili C Cdim Dm7 G7 A ka pu`uwai (Repeat) C A7 Ho`o hi`i ka manao`o D7 I nei a pua G7 Ka ne`e ana mai C Cdim […]

Ka Pua U`i

Ka Pua U`i (The Beautiful Flower) Bina Mossman Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Verse 1 (X2) C G7 C C7 Aloha wau ia `oe ku`u ipo F A7 D7 Ku`u lei momi ku`u milimili E7 Am D7 O ka heka `oe ona pua C G7 C D7 G7 C O ke kupuna a`e hi`i poi nei Verse 2 […]


Kainoa James Taka Israel Kamakawiwo`ole, Dennis Pavao F C7 F I`m waiting on a warm and sunny seashore C7 F F7 Yearning for the one that I adore Bb A7 Dm G7 My heart is true, I`m thinking of you F C7 F G7 C7 F Forever, I`ll love you, Kainoa F C7 F I […]

Hele On To Kaua`i

Hele On To Kaua`i Written by Alfred Nobriga Performed by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole G G7 C There’s a place I recall D7 G Not too big, in fact it’s kind of small G7 C The people there say they got it all D7 G D7 The simple life for me Chorus: G G7 C Hele on […]

In This Life

In This Life Mike Reid & Allen Shamlin Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Note: Play with Capo On 2nd Fret A D For all I’ve been blessed with in my life E7 A There was an emptiness in me A D I was imprisioned by the power of gold E7 A With one kind touch you set me […]

White Sandy Beach

F I saw you in my dream, we were walking hand in hand Bb Bbm F On a white sandy beach of Hawai`i We were playing in the sun, we were having so much fun Bb Bbm F On a white sandy beach of Hawai`i C Bb C Bb/ F/ The sound of the ocean […]

Kaua`i Beauty

Kaua`i Beauty Henry Wai`au C E7 Am C7 F A7 D7 Hanohano Kaua`i Manokalanipö C D7 G7 C Kihäpai pua ua kaulana C E7 Am C7 F A7 D7 `Ohu`ohu i ka maile a`o ka nahele C D7 G7 C I ke `ala onaona o ka mokihana C E7 Am C7 F A7 D7 I […]

`Opae E

`Ôpae E Words by Pilahi Paki Music by Irmgard `Âluli C `Ôpae ê (`Ôpae ê) `Ôpae ho`i (`Ôpae ho`i) G7 Ua hele mai au, ua hele mai au C Na kuahine C `Ai iâ wai (`Ai iâ wai) `Ai iâ puhi (`Ai iâ puhi) C7 Nui `o puhi, a li`ili`i au C `A`ole loa C […]

Kaulana Kawaihae

Kaulana Kawaihae Kailihune Alama Naai Israel Kamakawiwo’ole C G7 Kaulana o Kawaihae C C7 I ke kai hawanawana Hui: F C E `olelo mai kahiko mai G7 F C O Puaka`ilima C G7 E kilohi ia Mauna Kea C C7 Kuahiwi ku kilakila Hui: F C E `olelo mai kahiko mai G7 F C O […]

Ahi Wela

Ahi Wela Israel Kamakawiwo’ole C F C Ahi wela mai nei loko G7 C C7 I ka hana a ke aloha F C E lalawe nei ku’u kino G7 C A7 Konikoni lu a ika pu’u wai G D Twinkle, twinkle little star A7 D How I wonder what you are G D Up above […]

‘Ama ‘Ama

‘Ama ‘Ama By: Sam Alma Version: Isreal Kamakawiawo’ole Soprano Ukulele, C tuning. Chords used in this song: A+ D D6 E A Dmaj7 A—4—–5—-2—–2—–0—–4 E—5—–2—-2—–4—–0—–2 C—4—–2—-2—–4—–1—–2 G—6—–2—-2—–4—–2—–2 Intro: (put your hands roughly in the position for the chords, then play tab) D A D6 Dmaj7 D6 A A-5—-5–4—2——–4——-4– 2–0—-2—–4——-2——–0———0——— E——————————————————————————0——-0— C—-2———————–1——————- 2——2—————-1——–1—– G-2———————-2——————–2———————-2——————- D A […]

E Ala E

E Ala E Israel Kamakawiwo’ole We the voices behind the face of the Hawaiian Nation, the Hawaiian Race Rise for justice the day has come, for all our people to stand as one . . . Am F E Ala E, E Ala E C We the voices behind the face F C Of the […]

Maui Hawaiian Sup`paman

Maui Hawaiian Sup’pa Man Del Beazley Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Intro: Am, G, Am, G Am Oh, told is the tale of the mischievous one G F E7 Am Who fished out all the islands and captured the sun His deeds and tasks I will unmask so that you’ll understand G That before there was a Clark […]