Intro: (Cmaj7, Dm7) Cmaj7 Dm7 A|-2-2-2————————————————0-| E|——-3-3-3-0———0—————————-1—| C|————————-2———————-0-2—–| G|——————————————————–| Cmaj7 Dm7 A|-2-2-2—————3s5-3——————————| E|——-3-3-3-0——————————————| C|——————————————————–| G|——————————————————–| Verse 1: Cmaj7 Dm7 I love this place I call my home it’s my endless paradise Cmaj7 Dm7 There is no other quite this because Hawaii is so nice Cmaj7 Dm7 I live my life inna de island style no […]

Down (Everybody’s Down)

Chords: Bb, F, Gm, Eb Verse 1: I said the people of these islands got this irie skankin’ feelin’ I said the youth of Hawaii love this wicked reggae rhythm Our temperature rise when dem hear the rhythm of the bassline We play them reggae everyday and each and every night, Rap 1: You just […]