You Make It Hard

A D/A Maybe I`ve done the wrong thing, sayin` that I love you E/A D A Maybe I chose the wrong time, `cause sayin’ it makes me blue D/A But how else can I tell you, well after leav’in me behind E/A D A Time can`t heal a broken heart, so I’m laying it on […]

What Do I Do

[Cmaj7] Here I am so far and I can [Gmaj7] only think of her I [Cmaj7] know what I am doing and that its [Gmaj7] wrong [Cmaj7] Sitting in a tidal pool of [Gmaj7] love I swirl around The [Cmaj7] slippery fish of love just swims a[Gmaj7]long by me REFRAIN: [Cmaj7] What do I do? […]

The Hurt

The Hurt Composed By: Mackey Feary Jr. Performed By: Kalapana Intro: E7sus4 Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 Oh, you say you’re mine, and I’ll believe you every single time Bm7 E Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 E7sus4 Even though they say you’re not my kind, I just can’t believe you’d be lying Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 All my friends are […]

Many Classic Moments

Many Classic Moments Kalapana F I’ve lived on sand and felt the winter sea dew Gm7 And watched this country living wing on by C The city lights grow closer to my garden Gm7 C F As many classic moments ride on high F And young men they dream to ride the sunset Gm7 Content […]


Intro: G Gm D G Gm A7 Verse:1 D Em A7 G D Fly, on through the nightwind, take a star to her for me D Em A7 D A7 Please whisper I love her, tell her wait for me D Em A7 G D Here it seems so cold now, how I miss her […]

Moon and Stars

Intro G7sus Cmaj7 Am7 Moon, that is shining tonight Cmaj7 Am7 Dm7 Ddim7 Cmaj7 Moon, do you see her and what is she doing, woah uh oh moon Cmaj7 Am7 Stars, is she thinking of me Cmaj7 Am7 Dm7 Ddim7 Cmaj7 Oh how I hope I would be with her one day, woah uh oh […]

Kona Daze

Composed By: Malani Bilyeu D Dmaj7 On the road alone, pulling a heavy load D7 G Thinking of all your beauty night and day D A7 My heart yearns for your touch, but yearning hurts too much G A7 D D7 And I think I’m gonna miss my Kona Days Chorus: G A7 F#m Bm […]

Moloka`i Sweet Home

Moloka`i Sweet Home By Malani Bilyeu Intro: D A D A D I feel your evening breeze tonight A Moloka’i I’m longing for your laughter D I’ll gaze upon your silent shores A And reminisce that sweet embrace of ginger D As New York City walls closed in G D I long for the touch […]


Composer: Malani Bilyeu D Dmaj7 G Glider man over land he’s soaring, D Dmaj7 G A Life below could he know he’s flying over my Laurie, D Dmaj7 G A Natural high makes him sigh to know that he’s so free, G D Dmaj7 G Gm And he’s smiling down on me D Dmaj7 G […]