One of Those Days

verse 1: C Em F sitting here thinking of you, and special times we shared G my love for you grows stronger everyday C Em your gentle touch and sweet caress F i love the way you rub and kiss my neck G i want you more and more each day chorus: C Em F […]

Girl, Let Me Know

C, Am, F, G7… intro picking A|-7–5–3–2–2slide 3-0— 2-2-3-5-3-0— E|-8–6–5–3—————-3———–3- C|—————————2————- G|—————————————– A|-7–5–3–2–2slide 3-0— 7-8–10-7–3-3- E|-8–6–5–3—————-8————– C|—————————7————– G|—————————————— Chorus: Cause Girl I see you standing there, I just wanna know your name Can you just let me know, so we can be together la di da di da yeah Cause Girl I see you standing […]