16 Years

Intro (same chords for the whole song): Bb //// Bbmaj7 //// Bb7 //// Eb //// Ebm //// Bb //// C7 //// F //// Chorus: Bb Bbmaj7 16 years of lovin’, crumple it all up and Bb7 Eb Throw it in the bin and act like you’z a winner Ebm Bb No, I’ve just been fooled […]

Hard Times

Hard Times – Kiwini Vaitai G=4232 or 0232 C=5433 or 0003 Am=2000 D=2220 Reggae strum works good… the chords are mainly G C Am D But if you want to get fancy, you can do a walk down from the C=5433, by playing Bm=4222 … So the progression would look like… G G C Bm […]