Your Favorite Song

Intro Chords: Bm, C#m, D (high) Chorus, Verse, Rap Chords: Bm, C#m Check this out… CHORUS: Just keep on movin’ and groovin’ to the music Just keep your body swaying We’re playing your favorite song Girl I like it, you love it I want somemore of it Your body when you’re dancing right in front […]

What Do I Do

A (2x) Bm E7 you told me maybe we could still be friends deep down i knoe you’ll learn to love again so girl quit playing all your silly games cuz life without your love won’t be the same chorus: when you took my heart and broke it in two now we’re apart theres no […]

Up, Down, Side to Side

Chords: Bb and Cm Hook I don’t need no interpretation, cause this relation I’m in it for the long run. Quit toying, wit my affection. True this connection, I came to get the job done. Verse 1 There’s this girl I know, and every where I go she’s somehow always on my mind, and I […]

Telephone Love

F Gm C7 F theres a girl that i sometimes call on the phone lately at night when im feeling alone and everytime she picks up the line and softly says hello my tempeture rises like a butterfly i wanna say more but baby i i just wanna be your man whos gunna be kissing […]

Take you for a Ride

Chords: Bb , Cm Intro: A———-8-10-8-8-10-8———-8-10-8— E-6-6-8-10—————6-6-8-10——–8- C—————————————— G—————————————— Chorus: Nana nana [ye-e-e-e-eah yeah] Nana nana [whoa oh oh oh]2xs Verse 1 Girl I’ve been meaning to talk to you About what went on last night Baby ive been such a fool Ever since we had dat fight Cause ive been waitin oh so long […]


Chords: G C7 G C Chorus Sound Check 1, Sound Check 2, Sound Check 3, It’s Just Da Sound Check 4 U Verse 1 I said we checking out da music and we testing out da mic said Koa’ika come to life in a Da Party Tonight so kick back and relax as we coming […]

Pocket Change

Chords: A F#m D E7 Now listen girls, Koa Uka now commin at you our difference style Yes me come for drive your whine And a little bit of pocket change, something all you lovely girls can use Now feel dis A F#m D E7 It’s been a long long while ever since I’ve seen […]

One Woman Man

Chords are G# Eb(high) F# C#. Yes girl, I love you for the rest of my life. That’s why I really wanted you to be my wife. Jus someone I can love unconditionally. Right down to the end for eternity. This loving that we have it will never stop. As long as we believe girl […]

Girl I’ve Been Hurt

intro: G Em C D7 (2x) G Em C D7 you say, that there will never be no other love G Em C D7 but me, girl I know much better G Em C D7 G Em C D7 for you, you’ve been playing games on m——-e yeah I need love, lovin’ doesn’t blind me, […]