The Right Thing

Intro (2x): E // B // F#m // B // Yeah, all right, oh yeah Verse 1: E B A Young man, young man, what will you do with your life? E B A Young man, young man, will you turn left or right? E B So many choices, so many decisions A Which one […]

Half Way

Intro: Dmaj7 // E // A / C#m7 / Bm7 / Dmaj7 // E // A / D / E / Verse 1: (A, D, E) Every day is a brand new day, ay ayyy Jamming with my home boys We got no other choice We jam reggae music ‘Til the moon goes down, down […]

He’e Roa

Intro Chords: Bbmaj7, Cm7 Verse 1: Bbmaj7 Cm7 I’ve been searching all my life for that long, lost wave Bbmaj7 Cm7 For that mystery ride, her lovin’ I really crave Bbmaj7 Cm7 I’ve been dreaming of her touch, her turquoise kiss Bbmaj7 Cm7 I’ve never wanted to surf this much, her lovin’ I really miss […]

This is the Life

This is the Life By Kolohe Kai Intro: G F Eb F A |-5——-5——-|-3——-3—–|-1——-5—3—|—0-3——| E |-7—7—7—7—|-5—5—5—5-|-3—3—6—5—|-1-1-1——| C |—–7——-7—|—–5——-5-|—–3———–|-0-0-0——| G |—————–|—————|—————–|-2-2-2——| Gm F Verse: Gm F The hills make me wanna run and play Eb F Every time I think of you Gm F And I wanna go up and sit right down Eb F And […]

Lover Girl

Verse 1: (Chords: A, F#m, Bm, E) A You look so beautiful tonight F#m That smile your wearing so out of site Bm I’m I dreaming could this be real E I’m with a girl that makes me feel so good. A I think I should F#m Tell you that I love you cause you […]

Is This Love

Intro: (C, G, Am, F) Verse 1: (Am, F, G) Am Girl I don’t have much F Just my loving touch G And I hope that’s alright with you Am F I know we just met but I’ll never let G My hesitation lose you Pre chorus: Am F G I gotta tell you that […]

Ehu Girl

Intro: C F G7 2x Am G Am G (Verse 1) C F Said it happened last night about ten to eleven when I first laid eyes on G7 you, C F G7 Standing in line into Club Triple 7, it was just like heaven and a dream come true, (Bridge) Dm G Am We’re […]

Don’t Stop

Don’t Stop by Kolohe Kai Composed By: Kolohe Kai Performed By: Kolohe Kai Submitted By: Noah Cronin (Kolohe Kai) Verse 1: (chords: Bb, F, Gm, Eb) Bb F Gm Eb We jamming reggae music around the clock Bb F Gm Eb We sitting and just cruising on my hometown rock Pre chorus: (Chords: Cm, F, […]

Cool Down

Chords are Bb Cm throughout the entire song. Part 1 of Ukulele Solo: A|—8s5–5-4s5–5———6-5–5h6p5 E|–10s6–6-5s6–6–6–8-8—-6—— C|———————————– G|———————————– Part 2 of Ukulele Solo: A|—8s5–5-4s5–5———-5—8s10-8-6 E|–10s6–6-5s6–6–6–8-8-8–6——— C|————————————– G|————————————– Verse 1: Its another fiery afternoon (so hot, so hot) Hotter than the month of June So we should go beach now (cool down) cool down where the waters […]


Intro: A F#m D E 1x (Riff notes: C# D C# E 2x F#, C# D C# B) Verse 1: A There’s something in your eyes, F#m It holds a big surprise, D E (Riff) It made me realize how much I adore you A I’ll hold you in my arms, F#m I’ll keep you […]