Red Dress

Chords: Verse- Bb,Gm,Eb,F Bridge-Eb,F Verse 1 You She’s tried on everything Every little thing inside her closet And she knows it’s getting late Knows that I been waiting and I’m starving Cause we been working overtime She wants to make a night that we’ll remember And I’m staring at the time Thinking it’s alright, put […]

Let Your Hair Down

Intro (3x): Eb, Cm, Bbadd2, F Verse 1: Eb Cm Bb F Eb There she goes, there she goes, there she goes Cm Bb F There’s nothing better than my beautiful woman Eb Cm Bb F Eb Even though, even though, even though Cm Bb F It’s not always heaven, we still fly together Pre-Chorus: […]

No Way No

Intro (2x): Gm, Cm, F, Dm Verse 1: Gm Cm Hey baby, baby F Dm Your heart’s too big to be treated small Gm Cm So please don’t blame me, blame me F Dm For tryna be the one who could have it all Gm Cm And you know it ain’t stupid, stupid F Dm […]


Verse 1: F# G# A#m Saturday morning, jumped out of bed and put on my best suit F# G# A#m Got in my car and raced like a jet, all the way to you F# G# C# A#m Knocked on your door with heart in my hand, to ask you a question F# G# C# […]