One Voice

Verses : Gm //, Eb //, Bb //, F // – before every chord do a quick open up strum then hammer chord Chorus : Gm //, Eb //, Bb //, F // – i just do simple down strum on the chorus Verse 1: Well our government tells us a story, oh yes it’s […]


Intro (2x): A, E, D, E Verse 1: A E Sunny days on the North Shore D E Living a dream that I had before A E I can’t believe that you chose me D E You carried me out of the winter storm F#m E D You take me higher Chorus: A E You’re […]

The Nite B4

Bb Oh oh, oh oh, oh-oh Eb Oh oh, oh oh, oh-o-oh Bb Oh oh, oh oh, oh-oh F I’m still drunk from the night before Bb The sun is creepin’ on the shore Eb There’s strangers passed out on the floor Bb F What’d we get into last night? Bb Tequila on my morning […]