Sweet Remedy

Verse 1: Bb F I get this tingly feeling C F when you are near Bb F I just get so excited C F that you are here Bb F you got a hold on me C F it’s crystal clear Bb F C why cant we stay together tonight Chorus: Bb C so could […]

Rock Me Sober

Chorus: C Dm This goes out to all my people who be workin’ so hard C Dm There’s nothin’ in this world that is ever too far C Dm Take me anywhere, it don’t matter, go hard C Dm So take me to a place you can rock me sober C Dm C Dm Rock […]

Get Right

Intro: Gm // Cm // F // Bb // Gm //// Cm // D // Gm // Cm // F // Bb // Gm // Cm // F // D // Verse 1: Eb F Gm Wanna see your eyes, really captured me (Now could we ever be?) Eb F Gm More than friends, tryna […]

Time To Get Over

Intro (2x): Chords – Bm, Amaj7 Ukulele Tab – A|-9——————————–|-9——————————–| E|—9-12—-9———————-|—9-12—-9———————-| C|——–11—9-11-6-9————-|——–11—9-11-6-9————-| G|———————————-|———————————-| A|———————————|——————————–| E|———————————|——————————–| C|-8———————–11——|-8——————————| G|———————————|——————————–| Verse 1: Bm You say it’s over, you left me out there Amaj7 To die, oh yeah Bm I feel like it’s colder, although it’s warmer Amaj7 Than July, baby Chorus: Bm Time to get over Amaj7 No […]

No One

C#m All I wanna do is just tell you girl Promise that I love you when you rock my world B All I wanna do is just let you know That I never ever ever wanna let you go C#m No one, that could ever do what you do No one, I could ever sing […]