You’re All I Need

Intro: G, C, D, Dm, D7, G, D7 Verse 1: C D Waiting for your love G D Em Is all i do all day C D G D Em Finding an answer from you C D Here i am waiting G D Em By the phone all day C D G G7 Waiting for […]


Intro: A C#m F#m(2) Bm Bbaug Dm Verse 1: A C#m F#m Girl don’t be mad, girl don’t be sad, you wish you could just fly away, Bm Bbaug Dm girl don’t you cry, please dry your eyes, there’s much more sunny days. A C#m F#m I know you’ve heard all of his words, but […]

Our Love Is Divine

A E/G# C#m D D/E (2x) A|–12-11—11-9——–7-7-5-4- E|——–9——7-7h9–4-5-2-0- C|9—————————– G|—————————— A|–12-11—11-9——–7-7-5-4- E|——–9——7-7h9–4-5-2-0- C|9—————————– G|—————————— (Verse 1) (use intro chords) Guess what girl I’ m here to stay forever, And he won’t leave your side. Trust me girl don’t you never say never. And your love won’t divide. Bm A E7 Because our love is divine, […]

Old Fashion Touch

Intro: A C#m Bm E7 A C#m D// D#/ E7/ Verse 1: A C#m Bm(2) Last night I had the strangest, strangest, dream. I dreamt my pretty baby was calling me, E7(2) A E7//// and she said oooh baby, please hurry. But I don’t rush, I move it real slow cause I want you to […]

Don’t Wanna BE

1St VeRsE: G Bm C D7 I don’t wanna don’t wanna play your game G Bm C D7 and i don’t wanna don’t wanna hear your name G Bm C D7 i just want you to understand G Bm C D7// that i don’t wanna be your man anymore Chorus: G Bm C D7 don’t […]

Falling for You

VERSE 1 A C#m F#m A C#m F#m you got me acting kind of funny, and you got me feeling so Ire D C#m Bm cause i thought i once knew, yet still can’t comprehend D C#m Bm E7 sus-E7 cause i’m up on two feet and i cannot stand CHORUS A yes i’m falling […]

Beautiful Ladies

Intro: G Am C D G Chorus (2X): G Everywhere I turn, there’s beautiful ladies, Am Everywhere I look, there’s beautiful girls. D7 G So all I see are beautiful ladies and beautiful girls G So when you’re walking down the beach, Am You see a pretty girl tanning by the ocean side C D7 […]