Wake Up My Darling

*Intro: F Am Bb C (2x’s) *Verse I: F Am ‘Cuz everytime we meet Bb I get this funny little feeling, C7 F That takes over from my head to my feet. Am Oh can’t you see girl Bb(let it ring) C(let it ring) F A sweet lady you’re my one and only remedy Am […]

Na Wahine

VERSE 1 C Dm C Let me tell you a story/Of an angel I met/Strong as a sunrise/and soft as C Dm a sunset/She spoke through a whisper/She lives through a smile/Beautiful C Em Am Em as a newborn child/But all I know/What this angel once said/She wants to Am F G show/That true love […]

Fade Away

song follows same chord pattern F, C (high), Bb, C (high) play each chord 2 measures Verse 1 F sitting here C Bb so many thoughts on my mind C F lost in my feelings trying to find C special words, something to say, Bb to tell you i love you C in my own […]


Intro: Ooh, ah, baby (4x) A, Bm, C#m (2x) A Bm C#m Ooh, ah, baby (4x) A Bm C#m There ain’t no other fishes in my sea girl A Bm C#m You’re doubting me, and you still refusing me, girl A Bm C#m Oh can’t you see, that my love is so true? A Bm […]