Nâ Moku `Ehâ

Nâ Moku `Ehâ (The Four Islands) J. Kealoha & Noelani Mähoe F A7 Dm A7 Hanohano Hawai`i la lei i ka lehua la D7 G7 C7 F Kuahiwi nani la o Mauna Kea F A7 Dm A7 Kilakila `o Maui la lei i ka roselani la D7 G7 C7 F Kuahiwi nani la o Haleakalâ […]

He Aloha Mele

He Aloha Mele Iva Kinimaka Peter Moon Band C He aloha mele, pretty hoku, C7 F Sending down a special little twinkle for your brown eyes C Your pretty lovely brown eyes G7 F In the still of the night all the stars are shining bright C for your brown eyes C He aloha mele, […]

Hawaiian Soul

Hawaiian Soul Jon Osorio/Randy Borden Jon & Randy, Peter Moon Band G Am7 I can recall the way, D7 Bm Your voice would fill the room Em Am And we would all be stilled D7 C G By your melody Am7 And now your voice is gone D7 Bm And to the sea belongs Em […]

E Pili Mai

Words by Larry Lindsey Kimura Music by Cyril Pahinui Performed by The Peter Moon Band Intro: F Am7 Bb C7 (2X) F Dm ‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe Gm C7 Ku’ulei o ka po F Dm Am7 Po anu ho’okahi no au Gm C7 Sweetheart mine F E pili mai Dm Am7 Bb C7 Ina ‘o […]


Flying Patrick Downes Peter Moon Band Intro: G /// A7 /// Am / D7 / G / D7 / G /// A7 /// Am / D7 / Gmaj7 Cmaj7 Gmaj7 Cmaj7 Flower leis, yellow, white and purple strands Em G+5 G A7 Woven like the many days and countless ways Am D7 We’ve held our […]

Far Too Wide For Me

Composed By: Patrick Downes Em7-5 (0201) Fm6 (1213) Ab (5343) C Em Em7-5 A7 I sit somewhere along the bay and stare at islands far away Dm Fm6 D7 Dm7 G7 Their gray and misty outlines appear way out to sea C Em Em7-5 A7 But clouds are never what they seem and far off […]