Take It Slow

Intro Pad: A7 Intro Chords: Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7 We don’t gotta be in no rush, no, oh Alright baby, it is just me and you Chorus: Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 We don’t wanna be in a rush, baby just take it slow Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 You and I know the connection is right, […]

Play Me Like A Fool

Intro (2x): F#m // C#m // Bm //// Verse 1: F#m C#m Bm She take her time fe put on her makeup F#m C#m Bm ‘Cause tonight she plans to wine and dine F#m C#m Bm She slips into her little black dress F#m C#m Bm And puts on a fragrance that’s so divine F#m […]

Nothing To Hide

chords:A F#M D E chorus cause i dont never ever wanna see you lonely cause your love is something that you just don’t push aside and i’ll promise that i’ll give you all my lovin girl i’ll open up my heart because there’s nothing to hide ooh ooh ooh, ooh nothing to hide(2x) 1st verse […]

Gotta Know Your Name

(Girl you must let me know) Intro: G7 / // / Cmaj7 / Dm7, G7, Cmaj7, A7 Chorus (2x): Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 Oh I, I don’t mean to be rude, I don’t mean to intrude A7 But I gotta know your name Dm7 Now would you come a likkle closer, let me nice up the […]