Intro: Dm C (Ooh) Well-a-well (oh … yeah) Dm C Mmm ye-e-e-e-eah (alright) eh, yo Jacob: Dm It’s never been a problem for me C It’s what I’ve always wanted, it seems Dm It’s almost predetermined to be C I’m always in between Dm It’s like I always knew that I would C But never […]

Your Song

Verse Chords: Em / / C / Bm / Chorus Chords: Am / / / / Em / / / / G / / / / D / / / / Damian Marley: Now greetings to the world, voice of the one called Big Gong-zilla Alongside SOJA, ooh-wee, yeah … do it, Jah Verse 1: […]

I Believe

F Am I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, no matter what you do Dm C I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, it will all come back to you … riddim! Intro: F //// /// Am / Dm //// C //// SOJA, Nahko, and Michael Franti together, y’all Medicine for the people […]

Tell Me

Intro (2x): Dm, C, F, Gm Verse 1: Dm C From the very first time I saw you F Gm I felt my old life and it was all new Dm C I felt my knees get weak, my heart went crazy F Gm I felt some yes and no, I even felt some maybe […]

She Still Loves Me

SOJA feat. Collie Buddz Intro (2x): A, D, F#m, E Chorus: A D I know it`s hard now for you to see F#m E You can`t change how it was or how it’s gonna be A D I’m what she wants, you’re just what she needs F#m E And yet she still loves me, she […]