Stuck On Stupid

Intro (4x) : A // Bm // Verse 1: A Bm A Bm You had me, baby … you had me good A Bm ‘Cause I was foolish, stuck on stupid, A Bm Scared of losing then I lost A Bm A Bm You left me, baby … shoulda known you would A Bm You […]

Be My Lady

Chords: Pretty much Bb, Cm, with occasional Ebm to F during the verses Intro (2x): Bb //// //// Cm //// //// Verse 1: Bb Cm See my girl … she treats my ok (she treats my ok) Bb And my girl (my girl, yeah, my girl, yeah) Cm She makes a winter’s day (feel like […]

Tell Her

Intro: Gmaj7 //////// Am7 //////// Gmaj7 See when you love beautiful, You always have to let her know Am7 That you still want her That you still need her, yeah Gmaj7 Your girl, she wants to be appreciated, You gotta show her day by day Am7 That you’re fighting, you’re trying To keep this love […]