Sink or Swim

Verse 1: F C Dm Bb All we do is fight with each other We lie to each other, we do now We should wanna die for each other Rely on each other, we don’t though Pre-Chorus: I thought you were the one for me But we’ve been treading trouble waters for months All I […]


Intro*: Eb Verse 1: Eb You know I love you, the way you hit my chest Ab Bb Like a boom boom bass, you light up the room Eb With your sweet taste, no one can take your place Ab Bb Ah you smell so good, so misunderstood Eb But I know one day my […]

Tell Me

Verse Chords: C#, A#m, D#m, G# (or Capo 1st fret and play C, Am, Dm, G) Chorus Chords: C#, Fm, F#, G# (or Capo 1st fret and play C, Em, F, G) Boy, tell me you love me And if you say those words I’ll be all yours tonight, tonight C# A#m You’re the one […]