Chocolates & Roses

*For the most part, this song is just Dm7 //// Cmaj7 //// – On the 3rd beat of the Dm7, the bass plays a G so you could play Dm7/G or G7 there – Sometimes there’s a C#m7 pickup chord before going back to Dm7 Dm7 Cmaj7 Like fireworks going off on a New Year’s […]

Love I

Chords:G , D , C , D What do you do when the girl you want she doesn’t want you too and What do you do when she say she only wanna be friends with you Its not fair how love can feel this way I shouldn’t care but if she only heard me say […]


Chords: D, A, Bm, A Ohhhhh yeahhhh Come on come on yea Verse 1 Take a look at the pouring rain Last time it rained for forty-days Take a look at the sun that shines Paint the colors and ribbons in the sky Take a look out your window And take a look at how […]

Good One

Intro (4x): D, A D A D A I woke up in the back of a truck early this morning, yeah D A D A About six thirty – seven o’clock to be exactly, yeah, yeah D A D A I get up, the pain rises, I sit up, I’m so dizzy D A D […]

She Was The Best

Chords: G#, C#, A#m, D# (or Capo on 1 and play G, C, Am, D) G# C# A#m D# G# Oh … la la la la yeah, baby, baby, yeah C# A#m D# G# C# A#m D# Woo Lord, hoo, tell me I … tell me G# C# A#m D# Now tell me baby … […]

Take Me On

Intro (2x): A, D, A, D, A, D, Bm, E A D A D I was in a song and it turned me around so A D Bm E I never heard a word you said A D A D And with so much going on, your words they just got lost A D Bm […]