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  1. kaooee

    much mahalo fo da site.
    i was a big fan of tropicalstormhawaii and was bummed when it went down.
    really appreciate the work and aloha you folks put in to all dis.
    mahalo nui from da big apple

  2. Alan

    This is such a good resource. I was wondering if there is a request/wish list section. My requests would be 2 Olomana songs: Home (I’ve got to be there) and Honey’s Tune ( Hilo’s such a rainy old town).

    Mahalo Ryan

  3. Uncle Rod Higuchi

    Sorry for the lateness. I’m seeing this on Mon the 27th.
    I hope I’m not too late 🙂

    Keep up the great work on Ukulele Underground.
    I hope you guys keep finding it rewarding in its own right.

    Let it be known, you guys are celebreties to all of us!

    Mahalo, Brahs!

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