Islander Ukulele Contest!

CONTEST is NOW CLOSED – Results will be announced soon!

To commemorate the relaunching if Island Music Network, we’re running a contest through the month of October and giving away a brand new Islander Ukulele to the winner! Here are the rules for the contest and how to enter:

First Place Prize: Islander Tenor Ukulele


How to Enter

  1. Make a video of you covering a song listed on Island Music Network. If the song is not listed on this site your entry will not be eligible to win
  2. Uploaded the video to youtube and link to the sheet music or tabs you used to play the song in the description of your video.
  3. Post the link to your youtube video in the comments below.
  4. Deadline to enter is October 31 2013


  1. You can use any instrument to cover the song, it does not have to be with an ukulele.
  2. The video must be made specifically for this contest. You cannot reuse an old video you have already created.
  3. You must mention in your video (You can just say, “This is for the Island Music Network Islander Contest” or something like that)
  4. The song you cover must be listed on this site. If the song you want to cover is not already listed, you can submit the song here but it must also be approved by the site mods as acceptable on the site
  5. Only entries submitted in the comments below will be judged.


80 replies on “Islander Ukulele Contest!”

    1. Hi Eduardo, Sorry this entry does not follow the rules of the contest. You must cover a song listed on this website.

    1. Looks like this video isn’t working. Please review the rules and how to enter before submitting entries as well.

  1. I would like to win this uke. On close inspection, I find it to be of a very classy design. The wood is of a quality that is beautiful, it would produce a very clear tone. The fret board looks to be of high quality ebony wood, which from my understanding, is getting to be rare these days. The tuners are the type that would give you fine tuning performance. The Bridge base is very artistically designed, with Peg type string anchors which are find mostly in expensive Ukes like Martins and Custom made instruments.
    This instrument is made of a very high standard, clean cut, and without any frivolous appointments.

    I know, in my hands, this instrument will be used on the daily basis. Needless to say, it will bring me the ultimate satisfaction. When I play it in the Windward Mall, which I do several times a week, the audience and visitors to the Mall will hear, and thrill to the sounds of this ukulele.

    Mahalo, for your generous offer for such a beautifully crafted instrument.


    Ben Baniaga

  2. Hey Ryan, I am intrested in this contest and currently working on a cover. I reviewed the rules and contest video thoroughly but still had a major question. 1.) does the entry cover vid have to be live? I intend to record several different instruments and sing over them using an audio ipad app. Is this acceptable?

  3. I would love to enter but unfortunately, I cannot find even one song that is even remotely familiar to me. :-/

      1. That’d be why I don’t know any of them. I’m from NY! lol

        There is one I know but my voice is better in a different key. Am I allowed to transpose it? And add some other chords to jazz it up?

  4. I got a question. Is this contest (or site for that matter) for Hawaiian islands music, pacific islands music, or all islands music? I.e. Jamaica (home of reggae) and other Caribbean islands

  5. Can we take one of the songs on the site and transpose it up/down? Some of us don’t have the fingers that bend for D’s and E’s 🙂

  6. I love your new channel. Mahalo for offering this fun contest. I heard this song this morning and knew I had to learn it. I read that it doesn’t need to be a “live” performance so hopefully all is good. Kale’a

    1. Beautiful voice Kale’a! Mahalo nui for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us. Love it — great job and good luck!

      1. Thank you so much Hokulani. Your remark was very thoughtful and means the world to me. I appreciate you taking time to listen to my entry. Have a great day.

    1. since I’m a big Gabe Bondoc fan too, I’ll let this one slide 😉 Go for it! Just be sure to submit the song to the site.

      1. people down voting me, just because he can enter doesn’t mean he’s going to win. I’m not the only one deciding the winner. This contest is for fun no sense make all stink about it. 🙂

        PS I can see who you are.

  7. Great job! What I like is that we can see you play, and sing ! Not just video with your voice behind it. Good luck to you! I wish I was brave enough to enter!

  8. Finally got the time to do it!! I would love to win the tenor uke, so i can have an everyday use ukulele to jam!! LOL! Just wanna say goodluck to everyone who entered and everyone who is going to! Special shoutout to my friend Brett Ortone (goalohaentertainment) for studio time and equipment! Here’s my entry! Hope u enjoy!!
    “Cover” Song Entry:
    Song sheet (Chords/Lyrics):

  9. Here’s a song from my childhood that I had forgotten about until recently. For me it was catching crabs and paddling boats around Kaneo’he Bay rather than catching o’opu and riding on horseback, but otherwise it pretty much sums up how I feel when I return home and notice how much has changed, not just in Hawai’i, but in myself as well:

    Link to the song on IMN:


    1. sorry bruno mars can’t be allowed on this site because his publisher is Universal Music Group who are very difficult to work with.

  10. What up my uke friends out there.
    This is my entry for the contest, the song name is “Tsunami” by Chris salvador. I found this song when he was promoting his master class on UU+. I just submitted the tabs and hopefully will get approved before the dead line. Here is the video :
    ill post the link to the tab as soon as it gets accepted (If it does haha)
    Thanks for the listen!

      1. Hey Ryan,
        How Goes it?
        Ive been trying to submit my Bob Marley entry…
        Ive also sent a couple of mails…to the site…am i too late?
        Wendi 🙂

    1. Hi Wendi, Sorry for not responding. we’ve been really busy and that message slipped through. That song wouldn’t be allowed in the contest as it wouldn’t be approved on the site.

  11. Hey I submitted my entry last night about 3hrs behind hawaii at 7:00(California) and it still says “Your comment is awaiting moderation” what does that mean? and says that my comment was entered at Nov 1 at 2:53? I was asleep at that time! lol Am I in the running?

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