How Can I Get Over

[Intro] A Bm7 D A [Verse] A Bm7 Standing on the side of hell, looking on the side of heaven D A How can I get over? A Bm7 Trying so hard to move my feet, but it seems I’m sinking deeper D A How can I get over? [Chorus] A Bm7 And I wanna […]

Straight To The Heart

[Verse 1] Amaj7 I got something on my mind now Dmaj7 It’s making me cold inside Amaj7 Dmaj7 Thinkin’ ’bout the things real close to me Amaj7 Dmaj7 Or feelings I’m trying to hide Amaj7 Dmaj7 Wondering if I lost everything Amaj7 Dmaj7 What would happen to me Amaj7 Dmaj7 Would I find that special […]

Empress Touch

Chords: Gm //// Fm //// Alright, oh well Alright, lord [Chorus] (2x) I’m craving for your lovin’ I need it … your empress touch Your full time lovin’ You be the Rizla, I’ll be the crutch [Verse 1] A long time seekin’ … now you’re here Now I’m seein’ crystal clear Now I can see […]


Kawailehua’a’alakahonua Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett In the John Cruz version, the song is played in Gb, but he most likely tunes his guitar down a 1/2 step and plays it as if he was playing in G. Verse 1 (2x): Gb Db7 Gb Ke iho la ka ua (As the rain falls) Cb Gb Db7 Gb […]

She Go

Chords: C, Fmaj7* *you can also substitute a normal F chord (HIRIE plays a regular F for the whole song in a live acoustic video) *or a Dm (HIRIE plays Dm towards the end of the official music video) [Verse 1] C Ask ’em why they livin’ and they struggle in a small town, no […]


[Chorus]: G Oh baby, I can’t wait for the day I would Get down on one knee and I would Em Ask you to be my wifey Oh, let me be your man (man) And you can be my lady (lady) We’ll keep it on the low, low C Nobody needs to know, know Spending […]


Lately Stevie Wonder Dmaj7 Bm7 Lately, I have had the strangest feeling Em7 A7 With no vivid reason here to find Em EmMaj7 Em7 A7 Dmaj7 Yet the thought of losing you’s been hanging ’round my mind Dmaj7 Bm7 Far more frequently you’re wearing perfume Em7 A7 With you say no special place to go […]

At Times

Album: Sincerely Dizzo Intro, Verse, Chorus: F // Am // Gm // Bb // Bridges: Am // Gm // (x3) Bb //// Intro: (I’m back) Baby won’t you listen, ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah yeaaahh Baby I need you to listen real quick because I got so much to tell you But let me […]

Haleiwa Hula

[Bb] [C#dim7] [Cm] [C#dim7] [Bb] [C#dim7] [Cm]5 [Bb]1 [A]1 [Ab]1 hano [G7] ha-[ ] no hale-[C7] ’iwa [ ] ku’u [F7] ho- [ ]me a-[Bb] loha [C#dim7]5 [Bb]1 [A]1 [Ab]1 (hana hou – repeat) u’i [G7] no [ ] ‘o pu-[C7] a’ena [ ] ka’ehu-[F7] kai [ ] hawa- [Bb] nawana [C#dim7]5 [Bb]1 [A]1 [Ab]1 […]

Let Us Be

Please Let Us Be- Sammielz INTRO/CHORUS:B//////// E//////// F#//////// B//////// Verse 1 1/2: B Have you ever fell in love with someone so much E she is everything you ever wanted and more F# But it seems that she can’t be accepted  B By the people that I love for some reason  Verse 1 2/2: Could […]

Red Dress

Chords: Verse- Bb,Gm,Eb,F Bridge-Eb,F Verse 1 You She’s tried on everything Every little thing inside her closet And she knows it’s getting late Knows that I been waiting and I’m starving Cause we been working overtime She wants to make a night that we’ll remember And I’m staring at the time Thinking it’s alright, put […]

Sweet Remedy

Verse 1: Bb F I get this tingly feeling C F when you are near Bb F I just get so excited C F that you are here Bb F you got a hold on me C F it’s crystal clear Bb F C why cant we stay together tonight Chorus: Bb C so could […]

You Complete Me

VERSE 1 G Em I never knew love was real – ’til you walked into my life Am7 G All of my fantasies, came true before my eyes G Em Just the thought of you, puts a smile upon my face Am7 G My life is now changed, everything just falls in place BRIDGE D […]

Leaving Me

Intro: F //// C //// Bb //// F //// Chorus: F Oh I know, it’s time to go C Back out on, on the road Bb F And I know you’re leaving me F I wish that you would wait for me C But I can already see Bb F That you are leaving me […]


Romance By: CRSB 2x 2x 2x 1x 1x _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 | | | o | o o o ??/?? | | | o | | | o | o o […]

Down With You

Intro: C / Dm / Em / … Dm / Em / … Chords (except Bridge): C //// F // G // Mmmm, all right, yeah, yeah Woah, na na yeah Hey there my ILY lover, number one stunna Body like no other I’m givin’ you the deal, how I really feel Hooked on your […]

Fake Lover

Chords (except bridge): Gm //// Cm // Dm // Verse 1: “The first time I saw your face, I know it was true lovin’,” they say But that’s not the case for me She a fi give me the fake lovin’ Every time I look into her eyes I can’t help but see them other […]

Rock Me Sober

Chorus: C Dm This goes out to all my people who be workin’ so hard C Dm There’s nothin’ in this world that is ever too far C Dm Take me anywhere, it don’t matter, go hard C Dm So take me to a place you can rock me sober C Dm C Dm Rock […]


Chords: F //// Bb // C // Intro (spoken): You see, I met this little fine thing out there in the islands She’s been on my mind since, but let me tell you how the story goes Verse 1: I took a flight, I was overseas, yeah There must be something comin’ over me I […]

Stuck On Stupid

Intro (4x) : A // Bm // Verse 1: A Bm A Bm You had me, baby … you had me good A Bm ‘Cause I was foolish, stuck on stupid, A Bm Scared of losing then I lost A Bm A Bm You left me, baby … shoulda known you would A Bm You […]

Sink or Swim

Verse 1: F C Dm Bb All we do is fight with each other We lie to each other, we do now We should wanna die for each other Rely on each other, we don’t though Pre-Chorus: I thought you were the one for me But we’ve been treading trouble waters for months All I […]


Chords: Verse:Bb,High C,F Chorus:Bb,High C,F,F7 yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [verse 1] Bb HighC F Patiently I’ve been waiting Bb HighC F for the perfect time to say Bb HighC F yes exactly how I feel for you Bb HighC F F7 it is finally that day [Chorus] Bb HighC F F7 Truthfully this […]

Let Your Hair Down

Intro (3x): Eb, Cm, Bbadd2, F Verse 1: Eb Cm Bb F Eb There she goes, there she goes, there she goes Cm Bb F There’s nothing better than my beautiful woman Eb Cm Bb F Eb Even though, even though, even though Cm Bb F It’s not always heaven, we still fly together Pre-Chorus: […]

Haters (Remix)

Live Animaux remix It’s Kimie-eh-eh-eh-yeah This is for all you haters … Chords (except for Bridge): Bm // D // E //// Verse 1 (Kimie): What’s gotten into you? You sit around talkin’ like you do You let it get the best of you But I know better, my fire doesn’t need your fuel Uh, […]