Kissing You

Intro: A, D, A, D Verse 1: A D I’d hop on a plane right now A D Just to be next to you A D I wish it were that easy Bm E ‘Cause, baby, I sure miss you Chorus: A D I’d rather be kissing you than missing you A D And holding […]

My Everything

Chords: F(2010) Dm(2210) Bb(3211) C(5433) Verse 1 F//Dm//Bb//C// I know it sounds crazy but I just wanna make you my baby Love and care and trust and faith, just something I wanna say Head to toe and inside out, things you do that makes me proud You got all the things that I need, tell […]

Love Song

Oh, oh, oh, oh girl You make me feel so good Oh yeah, yeah, yeah O-o-o-ooh, oh, oh, girl You make me feel so good Chords: A // F#m // Bm // E // Caleb: Oh girl, I love the way you move The sexy way you do the things that you do My heart […]

Before You Go

Intro: C Am Want you to love me before you leave C Let me hold you before you go Am Just remember the times we shared C And remember you touched my soul G Am We don’t know where life will take us F I’ll hold my breath and be patient C G Am F […]


Intro: Dm C (Ooh) Well-a-well (oh … yeah) Dm C Mmm ye-e-e-e-eah (alright) eh, yo Jacob: Dm It’s never been a problem for me C It’s what I’ve always wanted, it seems Dm It’s almost predetermined to be C I’m always in between Dm It’s like I always knew that I would C But never […]

No Way No

Intro (2x): Gm, Cm, F, Dm Verse 1: Gm Cm Hey baby, baby F Dm Your heart’s too big to be treated small Gm Cm So please don’t blame me, blame me F Dm For tryna be the one who could have it all Gm Cm And you know it ain’t stupid, stupid F Dm […]

Good Day

Chords: D //// //// Em //// //// (You can also play it as D and G, or Dmaj7 and Em) 1st Verse Woke up early mornin’, decided to start my day, Feelin’ good inside so I’m walking with a smile upon my face Things just seem to be going well, today must be my day, […]

Beauty Queen

Chords: Fm // D# // C# /// D# / Lyrics: Fiji: My beauty queen, yes you are, yeah Chorus: She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh Fiji: (Beauty queen, beauty queen) Let me be the very first to say how beautiful you […]

Your Song

Verse Chords: Em / / C / Bm / Chorus Chords: Am / / / / Em / / / / G / / / / D / / / / Damian Marley: Now greetings to the world, voice of the one called Big Gong-zilla Alongside SOJA, ooh-wee, yeah … do it, Jah Verse 1: […]

The Right Thing

Intro (2x): E // B // F#m // B // Yeah, all right, oh yeah Verse 1: E B A Young man, young man, what will you do with your life? E B A Young man, young man, will you turn left or right? E B So many choices, so many decisions A Which one […]


Kawena Chino Montero A D A F#m Kawena, won’t you dance for me. D E7 A E7 Under the moonlight, down in Waikiki A D A F#m Kawena, you shine like the stars in the sky D E7 A A7 As the moon so lovely, as a morning sunrise D A D A Your hands […]


Intro: A C#m Verse: A C#m Seriously, its been a long time Since I’ve heard from thee Since you dropped me a line Well I know what you’ve been going through And I know what I’ve been telling you Girl seriously give me another one Wo yeah Bridge: Am G I happen to know what’s […]


Ruined – Tribal Seeds Album : Representing – Kupihea – Chords : B//, G#m//, C#m//, F#// Said you’re ruined little girl Said you’re ruined by the world Lost in your diamonds and pearls Little value in this world If I was a big shot man, girl You would give me your world But since I […]


Tribal Seeds – Moonlight Album – Representing – Kupihea – Chords : Am // , G//, F //, C// or C/, G/ – Up to Player Progression Chords (Single Strum) : Am, Dm, G, C, F, (rest or F),C, G we’re jamming in the moonlight hear the soundwaves by the seaside we dont need to […]

Break It Down

Intro: Bm D A E x2 Verse 1: D Baby I tried A E Using conventional lines D But you close the lights A E D Pretend nobody’s inside D A You read black and white E D I grew in the shade D A I’d be happy to meet with you E A D […]

Roots Reggae Music

Chords: Cm //// Gm // Bb // We’re groovin’ Alright we’re movin’, wo-oh, yeah Intro Horns: Chorus (2x): We’re groovin’ Nothing like roots reggae music Now turn it up I wanna lose it Nothing like roots reggae music Verse 1: Higher self-meditation The music brings upon me Mixed with the healing of the nation Well […]

Little Black Dress

One Drop – Little Black Dress Chords: A, E6, D, E Intro: Bass Line, D, E, A, E6, D, E (leads) Intro Leads: Picking #1 (Intro x2)(s=slide) A|———————————–2-2-2s4s2——–| E|-5–55–2-0–5-5-5-2-0–5-5-5-2-0——————-| C|—————————————————-| G|—————————————————-| 1st Verse: A E6 D Girl I must say to you E A, E6, D, E Tonight you’re looking so good A E6 D […]

I Believe

F Am I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, no matter what you do Dm C I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, it will all come back to you … riddim! Intro: F //// /// Am / Dm //// C //// SOJA, Nahko, and Michael Franti together, y’all Medicine for the people […]

Get Involved

Intro: Gm / Dm / … Gm / Dm / … Gm / Dm / F Bbmaj7 Cm Bbmaj7 Woah ooh (ooh) ooh baby … said I wanna get involved with you, girl Cm Ooh oh, yeah, said I wanna get involved with you, baby Chorus: (Bbmaj7, Cm) Shawty makes a playa wanna get involved, […]

Take It Slow

Intro Pad: A7 Intro Chords: Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7 We don’t gotta be in no rush, no, oh Alright baby, it is just me and you Chorus: Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 We don’t wanna be in a rush, baby just take it slow Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 You and I know the connection is right, […]

No Sleep

Intro (4x): Emaj7, A Yeah … woo … (ooh) … yeah Verse 1: Emaj7 A Oh, woulda been about last week Emaj7 When you said you were leaving me A It didn’t even last a day Emaj7 But oh it felt so long A I thought you were gonna come Emaj7 But then you changed […]

Bad Girl

Chords: D, C Some people think I’m crazy ‘cause … the girl I love Keep drivin’ me all crazy, but … they don’t know us She just want a man who understands … her needs and wants And what I need and want might differ sometimes And lead to an argument, yo Pre-Chorus: Sometimes she […]

Loving Feeling

Intro: Em //// D //// Chords: Em, Am, G, D Said, oh I love this feelin’ … said oh I love this Said a na na na na no, but a na na na na no Said, oh we love this feelin’, oh you love this Said a na na na na no Verse 1: […]

I Wanna Be Yours

Intro: E //// C#m //// A //// F#m // B // Verse 1: E How will I know if he’s into me? C#m He’s got me worked up that I could barely speak A F#m B When he’s around … I don’t know how I’m gonna get him to notice E Me, I’ve got to […]

New Day

(Simple Version – for advanced alternate chords, scroll to the bottom) Intro (2x): A, C#m7, Bm7 Verse 1: A C#m7 I was a girl … a girl without a name Bm7 Bought a one-way ticket on a going nowhere train (choo choo) A C#m7 I was falling fast and there was nothing to grab Bm7 […]