Tradition Aswad/Mana’o Co. Eh oh Eh eh oh Ehyah Keys Gimme that Ole time Tradition, Ole time tradition Gimme that Ole time Tradition, that’s good enough for me…2x Gimmethabeatathadrum, gimmethaskimofthebass, gimmetherhyme..Oh oh oh oh yeah Gimmethaharmony Gimmethamelody gimmetha four four time Gawon Gawon Gawon Gawon I been journey for such a long time well, to […]


Verse 1: Take away my breath and make it really hard to breathe, Got me shaking in my knees, I can hardly speak, You’re like my medicine with all of the side effects, Got me seeing love everywhere so what is next, Interlude: Don’t stop it what you’re doing, If you keep running then it’s […]


Romance By: CRSB 2x 2x 2x 1x 1x _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 | | | o | o o o ??/?? | | | o | | | o | o o […]

Down With You

Intro: C / Dm / Em / … Dm / Em / … Chords (except Bridge): C //// F // G // Mmmm, all right, yeah, yeah Woah, na na yeah Hey there my ILY lover, number one stunna Body like no other I’m givin’ you the deal, how I really feel Hooked on your […]

Fake Lover

Chords (except bridge): Gm //// Cm // Dm // Verse 1: “The first time I saw your face, I know it was true lovin’,” they say But that’s not the case for me She a fi give me the fake lovin’ Every time I look into her eyes I can’t help but see them other […]

Rock Me Sober

Chorus: C Dm This goes out to all my people who be workin’ so hard C Dm There’s nothin’ in this world that is ever too far C Dm Take me anywhere, it don’t matter, go hard C Dm So take me to a place you can rock me sober C Dm C Dm Rock […]


Chords: F //// Bb // C // Intro (spoken): You see, I met this little fine thing out there in the islands She’s been on my mind since, but let me tell you how the story goes Verse 1: I took a flight, I was overseas, yeah There must be something comin’ over me I […]

Stuck On Stupid

Intro (4x) : A // Bm // Verse 1: A Bm A Bm You had me, baby … you had me good A Bm ‘Cause I was foolish, stuck on stupid, A Bm Scared of losing then I lost A Bm A Bm You left me, baby … shoulda known you would A Bm You […]


Intro: Dm C (Ooh) Well-a-well (oh … yeah) Dm C Mmm ye-e-e-e-eah (alright) eh, yo Jacob: Dm It’s never been a problem for me C It’s what I’ve always wanted, it seems Dm It’s almost predetermined to be C I’m always in between Dm It’s like I always knew that I would C But never […]

Beauty Queen

Chords: Fm // D# // C# /// D# / Lyrics: Fiji: My beauty queen, yes you are, yeah Chorus: She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh Fiji: (Beauty queen, beauty queen) Let me be the very first to say how beautiful you […]

Roots Reggae Music

Chords: Cm //// Gm // Bb // We’re groovin’ Alright we’re movin’, wo-oh, yeah Intro Horns: Chorus (2x): We’re groovin’ Nothing like roots reggae music Now turn it up I wanna lose it Nothing like roots reggae music Verse 1: Higher self-meditation The music brings upon me Mixed with the healing of the nation Well […]

Sugar High

Intro (x2): Dm// Bb// F// C// Verse 1: She’s my Hersheys Kiss, that I’ll always miss I’m wrapped in silver with a shimmer that’s so glamorous I’m finally taking the time to melt slowly I find a rhythm that’ll move her with this low beat More mature with the 100 Grand in her pocket Gives […]

Manic Monday

Wake Up it’s Monday (Again?) Get up, stand up, get ready for the day the rhythm will move you in each and every way we jammin’,slammin’ comin’ like a freight train listen to dis track and you’ll go insane whoax2 listen… Six ‘o clock already I was just in the middle of a dream (oh […]

Chocolates & Roses

*For the most part, this song is just Dm7 //// Cmaj7 //// – On the 3rd beat of the Dm7, the bass plays a G so you could play Dm7/G or G7 there – Sometimes there’s a C#m7 pickup chord before going back to Dm7 Dm7 Cmaj7 Like fireworks going off on a New Year’s […]

I Am a Queen

I Am a Queen Lilo Delima feat. Jah Maoli Chorus: bflat F A dminor I am a Queen, and you will respect me I will not stay why you say all those things to me Yes I am a queen its time that you finally see You will regret what you did to me I […]

Nothing More

I’m not a very good cook But I will learn if you’d like me to And I’m a little bit messy But I would clean up my mess for you I watch a lot of TV But I’ll turn it off if you ask me to I’ll do it all if you’ll please say “I […]

Deeper In Love

woah woah (check it out) yeah yeah (B.U.B. tell yo girl check it out) girl your shy and your sexy at the same time when i start to find one of a kind with your waistline especially when you move your pretty body to this baseline i’m so glad your mine sweet sugar girl you […]

Pretty Wahine

Hey you pretty wahine, this ones for you Cm I’m standin closer I dont know what to say Bb Cm But I wanna get close to you Your lookin lovely, delicious & fantastic, Attractive so refreshing, girl u make me feel so new But I dont even know your name, apologies and I jus saw […]

Morning Ride

Whoa now now now now Come me closer den? And tell me gates down 9 Girl u lookin pretty and you know u so fine Wutchu doin to me is jus like fine wine Getting much sweeter as we pass by the time O no catch me when me lookin at me bedroom eyes And […]

Let’s Do It Again

oooh baby ehh yea yea yea yeah nananana hey chorus: nice to nice to know ya lets do it again how we did it on a one night stand girl i wanna be more then a friend ya 2x 1st verse: it was like food for all of my senses our time priced is […]



Last Night

Now hear Dis’ Ho’okoa comin atcha Feel di Vibrations Now check dis’ woooo woooo yeah wooowoooo yeahhhh Last night when I saw you there Standin all alone You and me, baby gurl How we were soo wrong, the way we cuddled in the night oooh that feeling girl I knew it was right, Chorus: Cuz […]

Cool Fever

You know you look like satisfaction and my reaxtion is attraction i want to join in some relations with such a beautiful creation you are my major concentration without a doubt no reservation im comin real no imitation lovin with no hesitation Chorus: Cool fever wen you love me so im feelin cool fever from […]

Naughty Girl

CHORDS: A // Bm // Why don’t you be my naughty, be my naughty girl why don’t you be my naughty, be my naughty girl why don’t you be my naughty, be my naughty girl In the morning time, ooh ooh In the evening time, ooh ooh When the sun don’t shine, ooh ooh And […]

Everything in my life

Every mornin when i rise, I stare staight into your eyes, then you kiss me on my cheek, both my mistake become weak, With the voice all so sweet, you say that you love me, I say i Love you to baby your my sun,my stars and my moon. Your my light in the dark, […]